Problems after GA surgery

I had a cone biopsy on the 7th July which from what I’ve read and found isn’t a common procedure carried out (I had a LLETZ prior to this in May and it seems most people have the LLETZ as the 2nd procedure as well) anyway my recovery hasn’t been to bad, very similar to the LLETZ with discharge and cramping (just had tiredness as well which I know is from the GA). This morning I went to the toilet and found that I had something coming out of me, I tried to pull it and it didn’t want to come so I didn’t want to force it, not knowing what it was (at one point I wondered if it was part of my insides coming out ), it did then come out and to me it looked like a gauze.
As I was unsure I ended up going to a and e as being a Saturday I couldn’t call and speak to the consultant and didn’t want to leave till Monday incase there was more or I had an infection/complications. After seeing various people it seems it is a gel type gauze that dissolves over time (I had it with me and it was the final doctor I see that advised this, none of the others even mentioned that).
I was not advised after surgery that they had done this, nor was it on my discharge letter - surely something like this they should be telling you and advising incase of these issues as I just feel like I’ve wasted my day and also doctor and nurses time.

Also when in the hospital today the doctor advised that there was no notes on the system following my surgery from the consultant, which had there been she would have been able to see from this what they had done and if anything had been left in - surely a week and a half after surgery these should be on there?
My only saviour today was that my consultant was one of the doctors on call so it meant they could speak to her about it and have confirmation of what she did in the procedure.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar- just not 100% sure if I’m being told the truth, as I have never heard about this (and when googling which I know I shouldn’t can’t really find much on it) and when I’ve read things regarding the cone biopsy procedure it mentions gauzes but ones that have to be removed and not left in.

Just wondering if the hospital are not admitting that they didn’t remove something they should have.
(I see a GP in urgent care before going to A and E on his advice and he felt that it was something that was left in which shouldn’t have been.)

Please don’t worry I had exactly the same situation as you. I literally screamed as I felt something drop from me whilst I was on the toilet - I generally thought my insides had came out, mine too looked like webbing/scaley/gauze of some sort and was the size of my palm. After calling my gynaecologist she explained it was completely normal and not to panic which I did point out it would’ve been nice to have been presented about this happening as I wouldn’t have worried so much.
Anyway I hope this helps to put you at ease that it is somewhat normal :slight_smile: xxxx

Thank you for your response, glad it’s not only me it’s happened to.

I do agree I think they should warn you incase it happens. I think the worst bit was being a Saturday I knew I couldn’t call and speak to anyone, had it been during the week then I could have spoken to the consultant/secretary to get advice rather than spending the day in urgent care/a and e.