Problem with smear - over-reaction?

A minor issue compared to most here, so apologies. I just need a sanity check.

I went to my GP for a smear, but she can’t see my cervix. Combination of flagging hormones making me too dry (ow) and sagging insides making the cervix hide! She gave me some HRT cream to use for three weeks and I went back for another try. The speculum went in this time but she still couldn’t see my cervix. I have to use HRT for another four weeks and go back for yet another try. She’s told me that if she can’t see my cervix at that point, she’ll refer me for a colposcopy

My question is, would this actually be a logical next step? I’ve always been in the same position for the smear attempts. Surely if gravity is part of the problem, we can use it to help - maybe if I tried lying on my side? Do you think she would be offended if I suggested it?

I really don’t want to turn a routine check into a more serious medical situation, and my previous encounters with my local hospital have been unpleasant to say the least. I don’t really want them messing around with my more delicate regions with the roughness I’ve previously experienced in the breast screening unit (biopsy/lumpectomy - benign, all clear).

Thanks for any opinions/ideas.