Probably being pathetic but worried.....

Hi everyone, I need some help or reassurance, I don't know really! I'm probably being paranoid and Dr Google doesn't help either Cry

I had my smear test done last week and bled quite heavily during (the nurse said 5 sweeps are normally done and I started bleeding on the second - she showed me afterwards and there was a pool of frank blood on the speculum). She also said I had some creamy white discharge which she took a swab of. Because I bled, she has referred me to a doctor for a full examination (appt is on Wednesday) by which time the swab results should be back. I have never had any other symptoms of abnormal bleeding in between periods or during sex, no pain and no obvious discharge. I am now panicking what might happen. The nurse has told me not to worry but I am (and there was also something about the way she was saying out loud about the fact I haven't had any other symptoms - almost as if she was trying to persuade herself that there couldn't be anything wrong!). My period isn't due until next week but I have experienced some cramping over the last few days and also some clear mucousy discharge a few days ago. I don't know whether I am noticing things more because I have googled symptoms of cancer. I am just basically stressing out! Could having a smear trigger my period to start early as that could explain the cramping. 

I'm sorry for the long post and for asking for help as I know so many of you here have experienced much worse than a dodgy smear test! Any help would be massively appreciated, thank you. Smile

Hi Mitch,

Keep away from that Doctor Google, he's just a scare-monger and will put the fear of the unknown into even the healthiest person, I promise. It's perfectly possible that cramps have been triggered by poking around up there so please, please really try not to stress yourself out. I always used to interpret a little bit of discharge as the early warning sign that my period would be here any day soon so I wouldn't read too much into that either. You are off for a full exam tomorrow where hopefully things will become a little clearer. Do your best to put it out of your head till then as fretting up front doesn't achieve anything. (I love the smileys!)

Be lucky


Thanks for your reply, I definitely won't be googling anymore! I'm pretty nervous but not much longer to wait til my appt now! The smileys  are cool although they seem to have gotten bigger!