Private v NHS

Had abnormal low grade and HPV smear result and got an NHS. Colcoscopy appt through for 3 weeks time however ringing and being advised that they could nit guarantee a female consultant and the LLETZ would probably be done on same day with only a LOCAL anaesthetic I decided to go privately - what a totally different experience. Over a really nice cappuchino my chosen consultant who had come highly recommended both on web sites and also by a colleague at work explained everything to me and gave me the option of local or general anaesthesia, we then discussed convenient dates and am now booked in just after New Year for LLETZ under GA which was my preferred option.

I can highly recommend the private option  I felt treated like a person and not just an inconvenience for asking questions - even with my list that I had made prior to the appointment.



I suppose it depends on the  people you come into contact with, the whole set-up of the MDT?  

I was NHS the whole way and I can tell you - I felt like I was a special person & getting priority treatment throughout. I can't praise them highly enough.  That includes the consultant, the surgeons, the oncologists, the nurses who administered chemo, the team who administered radiotherapy, the radiographers doing the MRI/CT/Xrays - even the tea ladies on the wards.

Maybe if it's affordable  then going private is an option, for many it is not. I for one am grateful we still have a marvellous NHS, I received the best of care where I live  in N.I.


I think private does allow things to happen a bit quicker, and perhaps offers more choice. I too would have liked to have seen female doctors! However, absolutely everyone I have had contact with in the NHS has been great, talking me through things clearly and compassionately. I was more than happy with my surgeons as well, they did a great job! I was able to opt for GA for my lletz too.

I'm going for my first follow up today and I'll have another list with me!

hope you're doing well,

Molly x

The NHS are under a lot of stress and unfortunatly that doesn't make for extra time to answer every question so you can feel a bit rushed, that said however, they are fab. How lucky are we to live in a country were the best healthcare is provided for everyone - not just those who can afford it. Personally, I went to my NHS appointment and, like you, didn't feel satifisied with all the answers as I still has things I wanted answering and therefore paid for a private consultant appointment where I got to ask all my questions and if nothing else, it put my mind at rest.


The rest of my journey was on the NHS were I was looked after amazingly well by the nurses, doctors and health care staff. My whole experience was easy and my LLETZ was carried out with the same care I received privately. According to this website (Jo's), the whole procedure to get a lady from her smear to LLETZ costs between £1700 to £4000 depending on the type of anaesthetic used. Suppose they're figures we just take for granted and expect to be taken care of. Yes the Private route will always be quicker but the NHS do a far greater job than people sometimes give them credit for. 

You are all SO lucky to have the NHS! I am lucky that the Greek equivalent chooses to charge me at cost, which is not the same as going private. I cannot imagine how much all of my treatment would have cost had I gone private in Britain. And something worth considering, when anything doesn't go smoothly according to profitable plan in a private hospital, what do they do? Wheel you round to the local NHS hospital to finish the job properly. Don't get me wrong, I am very pleased to see people who can afford to go private doing just that and taking the strain of the NHS, leaving that to deal with all the people who don't have a choice, but the NHS is a marvellous, marvellous institution and it will be the saddest day if it is allowed to collapse through neglect.



I had a wonderful experience on the NHS all things considered. And whilst I completely appreciate the desire for a female doctor, I would say I had a male anaesthetist and he was fantastic. I have a rare health condition which makes surgery on me very complicated, very few doctors have heard of it or understand things I tell thim - I was nervous discussing the procedure with a man in the room but he was amazing. He had heard of my condition and knew all about it, and as he put me under (tricky) I heard him telling his boss not to do something because of my condition which she really shouldn't have been. I quickly went from feeling embarassed about men being in the room to feeling utterly relieved he was there! I think sometimes it's equally as reassuring to know the person there is the best person for the job  as it is having a female doc x