Private smear?

Can anyone point in the direct of how to get a private smear? 

Up until this year I was on yearly smears after cin3 / cgin and smile in 2016. 

Last January was my first clear smear in 2 years and they put me back into the 3 yearly. 

Im still under gyne for a cervical stentios which is getting worst so just waiting on scan appointments so they can decide the best option. 

Ive asked my gp for a smear but he said they won’t do one as I’m not due one for 2 years. 

My concerns are bleeding in between periods and after sex. I was happy to just wait till I’d had my scans for the stentios as thought if there was something there they may see if. 

But in the past ten days out of no where I’ve started with really bad lower back pain and siactica. I hadn’t really linked the two until this morning I started bleeding mid cycle.

Am I just being paranoid or should I push for the smear? 


There will be plenty of private gynos that will do it as you are paying. Try Bupa/spires.

But I would wait and see NHS gyno if he has any concerns surely he will do one.x