Private Medical Insurance

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place to post.

I received private medical cancer treatment for my cc as I was covered under my partners work scheme with Vitality.

We have just heard that to save money his employer is ‘testing the market’ as rates have risen by 25%. The problem is that the new provider would exclude my pre-existing condition.

Whilst I have no issues with the NHS I would be absolutely gutted if I could not see my lovely consultant who has treated me from day 1 and knows me inside out (literally )

This seems really unfair to me. has anybody been in a similar position or can offer advice?

Although as I am cancer free since June I am hopeful it won’t be an issue. Xx

Thanks all

You have my sympathy :-( It's an awkward one. You might try the Legal Beagles forum. Or you might want to suggest that whilst your partner's employer moves the rest of the company to a cheaper provider they leave you with Vitality if you and your partner pay a contribution to the premiums? Worth a shot I would think. There's not much point having medical insurance that won't cover you for cervical cancer now is there.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you - my thoughts too.  I think I will call my employee advice programme as seems unfair especially as we pay the premiums!

Well if you pay the premiums then I don't think that your partner's employer has the right to change the insurance provider. Certainly he has the right to make a cheaper alternative available to others who would prefer to be covered for less, but by changing it for everyone including those who are already claiming, I think he's infringing your rights! Get onto the Legal Beagles website for advice if you have no joy with the employer, But go in gently! Never start a legal argument from an angry standpoint!

Be lucky! :-)

I was in a similar situation with my insurance cover ending / changing after I had received treatment.  I spoke to the consultants I was seeing and they transferred me to their NHS list.  If you need to go to the NHS, have a chat with them

Take care

Thanks Tracey,

Update is that my husbands employer has extended the scheme for 1 month to give time to consider properly.  

Having spoken to my consultants secretary apparently my situation is unfortunately not uncommon.

I have arranged an appointment with my GP in the new year to discuss transferring back to the NHS.  It seems I may be able to continue with the same consultant which would be amazing.  I just hope it is all sorted by March when I am due to have my 8 month CT scan.