Private gynaecologist, general anaesthetic

Hi, I went to see a very nice private gynaecologist; she took a smear and tested for hpv; as my results came back as high grade and hpv 16, she has advised further treatment; I would like to go back to her as she put me at ease and was really nice to me which I needed; however she would not be able to do the treatment under general anaesthetic; I would not dream of having anything done under local, so I was wondering, does anytime have any advice on anyone I could go to who would do this under general, and how much it would cost as I would have to find the money from somewhere. Someone female, and approachable. I am at a bit of a standstill as the nhs hospital said they would do it under general but I find going there too terrifying; I wonder if my doctor could refer me somewhere else? I would appreciate any advice on this. I am aware that these seem like trivial concerns compared to what some women on here are dealing with, however I would appreciate people not posting exasperated comments as I suffer from panic disorder and whilst some people are able to deal with situations like this, I am not, and I am looking for any ways to make this whole experience less terrifying for me. Thank you x

Ps I should add that the gynaecologist I saw was in london and I live in bucks so I am looking in london or thereabouts x

Could your private gynae recommend somebody to do the op with general anaesthetic?

It sounds like you have two good options here already.  Keep in mind that you will have less direct contact with the hospital as you'll be under general, so you won't need quite such a good relationship with the doc there.  If somebody came with you for the pre-op bit you might be ok.

Also, LLETZ is super quick and honestly not that different from a smear or colp, so again you might be alright with the local.

Good luck.

What treatment has the private gynae recommended? If it is LLETZ and your first one (or small area only), you may as well go with local. I had my 2nd LLETZ done yesterday and it was a breeze. No pain at all, easier than having a filling done. 5min procudere done by a male and experienced gynae (privately). My hubby was with me but I felt soo bad for dragging him with me as it really was nothing (oh well). 

General A is more risky than LA (and way more expensive) and it will take you longer to recover. Your GP can refer you to any private doctor you want, just google what private hospitals are in your area and call them directly. 

Good luck

Thank you both very much for the advice. The private gynaecologist would do a cold coagulation, where the cells get burnt off. The advantage of this is that it is less invasive, and she has said that i can still use tampax afterwards. It would be a large area and would involve a biopsy, which i have so far refused. I felt very happy with her but still think i could not tolerate the biopsy or the needle. I have read many posts on here from women who found it tolerable or painless, but many others from those who found it horrendous, so i don't think it would be worth taking the chance. The hospital would do the lletz under general which would have the advantage of not needing the biopsy, but i couldn't cope with the bleeding or the gross stuff afterwards or with dealing with anyone i felt any less than 100% comfortable with, as i found even going for the colpscopy there, even with the refusal of the biopsy, utterly traumatising and depressing. I have made an appointment to see my gp next week to see if she can suggest anthing that might make having any treatment less traumatic