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I just wanted to post  a reminder about the private forum we have available-

Living with advanced cervical cancer- This forum is for women who are living with or beyond an advanced stage cervical cancer (stage 4). It provides the chance to speak to other women in a similar situation that have perhaps gone through more radical treatments or trial drugs. This group of women has often told us throughout the years that they would welcome a place to be able to help each other and talk about the things that matter that can be difficult to talk about in more public arenas. So if you're a woman going through some of the complexities of advanced stage cervical cancer, please do get in touch. And again if you are a user of this forum and have feedback about how this section of the forum could be improved please do let us know, by emailing Debbie on or you can PM me. 

How to use the private forum? Access needs to be given in order to use the private forum or read the posts. You will need to complete a brief registration form so that we can help keep these spaces safe and supportive for those that need them the most. The registration form and a bit more info about the forums can be found here

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Hi all I’ve just been diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 3. I will start treatment mid September. I’m 50years of age. I am only able to get radiotherapy as I have had a heart attack so chemotherapy isn’t an option.
I’m just looking to chat, information and to share my story. Thanks kindly

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I was diagnosed in May with stage 2b adenocarcinoma grade 1 tumour. I have currently completed 2 weeks of 5 week treatment plan 5 chemo, 25 radiotherapy and 3 brachytherapy.
So far I have had no problems, physically feeling good mentally have good and bad days. I am just taking it a day at a time and trying not to solve problems that have not yet arisen.

It is scary but treatments these days are excellent and there is no reason why we can’t beat this and move on with life.

Keep on touch and let us know how things go. If I can help in anyway get in touch.

Take care x

Hi Mavisdavis, and welcome to the forum. You’ve posted in the private ‘advanced stage’ section, but I would suggest you start a thread in the main section, as you’re stage 3. I’m 64 and finished treatment 6 months ago for stage 3b2, squamous cell cancer. Stage 3 is considered curable, and that’s what your team will be working towards doing. We would love to hear your stories and encourage you in your journey. Radiotherapy these days is highly targeted and effective at destroying cancer. Glad to hear you will soon be starting treatment and please continue to post. You can do this! X

Hi MavisDavis
Sorry to hear of your diagnosis but great you’re starting treatment in a few weeks Radiotherapy is an amazing treatment these days I was diagnosed in January finished my treatment in May got my results 2 days ago and I’m happy to say the cancer has gone Radiotherepy effects everyone differently but just take every day as it comes and every day you’ll feel different if you’re tired don’t fight it just rest if you get sickness or diarrhea tell your radiotherapy nurse they can give you medication that works really great don’t be embarrassed to say and don’t suffer they are there to help and most of all keep positive your body will guide you to what you can do each day do listen to it go with the flow and you’ll be fine …Good Luck x

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Thanks so much for your kindness. I don’t know how to post in the non private forum lol.
I have hospital on Thursday for treatment plans so will post how I get on xx

Thanks kindly for your positive kind words xx

Thanks kindly. Can I ask is bracatherepy sore. I’m not sure I want that xx

I have not yet had that part of the treatment. This will be done if possible at the end of the 5 weeks.

There is lots of info about it on this site. A lot of women are very anxious about it but find the actual exoerience not as bad as they had imagined.

I will post my experience if i am able to have treatment.


Dear Mavisdavis,

I had the brachytherapy - I hated it, but I would not have missed it because I wanted to be cured. If you are not having chemotherapy I would think it an essential part of your treatment - it’s what targets the tumour right where it is. It may be sore, but that’s a whole lot better an option than the alternative if the cancer is not cured. If you have a heart history you can discuss your pain management when the time comes and they will find the right way through for you - no-one wants to cause you distress and pain.

We all want you cured, as do you! X

HI MavisDavis,

Just saw your question regarding Brachytherapy. I must admit this was the part of the treatment I was absolutely dreading. To be perfectly honestly it wasn’t any where near as scary as I’d built it up to be in my head.

I had four lots of Brachy after 25 Radiotherapies and 5 lots of Cisplatin chemo. I had the rods inserted under a general anaesthetic and honestly didn’t feel a thing. The most uncomfortable part of it was having to lay still for such a long time. I was offered any pain relief I wanted and to be honest I only needed it as I had some back pain with laying on my back for so long. The rods didn’t cause any pain at all. Somebody likened it to having a large tampon in which is pretty accurate.
Wishing you well with your treatment.

Mavisdavis good luck at the hospital Brachytherapy was no where near as bad as I had imagined I had the spinal injection and the rods were put in place under general anaesthetic so didn’t feel a thing no pain from them just felt like a bloated tummy the worst part was not being able to sit up or move your legs for a few days but they are great the nurses roll you so you don’t get pressure sores altho this was uncomfortable and it was a frightening thought to have done I definitely wouldn’t of not had it as it’s an important part of treatment to curing the cancer …what ever worries you have speak to your support nurse and they will explain and ease your mind …keep us updated on how you get on x

Oh thanks kindly.

Thanks x