Private First Smear At 17


Hi Everyone,         

I have just joined this forum, I am Jess and I am 17. I get private medical insurance through my mum’s job and she has arranged for me to have a private smear and well woman check tomorrow through her insurance. Half of me wants this done so I know I am in good health, half of me is filled with dread/fear/embarrassment.


                She said she had her first smear when she was 16 and three months after going on the pill. Are we being over cautious or is it really necessary to have it done so young (I have been on the pill since I was 15)?


                All the info I have had from Bupa covers a lot of what it says on here about preparing for the test. I have to bring my dressing gown from home and have been told I will be with them for about 30 minutes. Any advice gratefully received, if I don’t get it done tomorrow I wont be mid cycle for another month and 6th form starts again on Monday.





Hi Jess.

17 is young but I don't think it would be harmful. Because of your age,  can I ask if you had the HPV vaccine when at school? If yes then the likelihood of you having dodgy cells would be extremely extremely low! 

Anna x

Hi Anna,

         We were living outside of the UK when I would have been offered the HPV vacccine here and by the time we had moved back I was on the pill and was told by my UK GP that I wouldnt have benefitted from having the vaccine. Just getting ready to leave now for the clinic and getting more nad more nervous by the minute.

Smears really aren't that bad, they can be slightly uncomfortable but not painful.  I think even when your older & have been through it many times it is normal to feel a little embarrased, just remind yourself that the doctor does it all the time & to them it is nothing & just part of their job - once you get through your first one it won't seem to be such a big deal anymore.

In my country women are encouraged to have smears from the age of 18 if they are sexually active, you are lucky to have a mother who is setting an example of being conscientious about this, as it is a very important part of looking after your health.

Try not to worry, as if you are tense during the appointment it will be more uncomfortable than it needs to be, & it really shouldn't be that bad at all :)

Hi Jess, 

Please don't worry about the smear - I was before I had my first one a couple of weeks ago and it was over in about 30 seconds and I barely felt a thing.

I also don't think 17 is too young, especially if you're sexually active - go for it, always better to be safe about these things, no harm will come from getting one, and get them done regularly from then on.  

Good luck!