Private Costs??

Hi, basically got my results back and I still am HPV positive and also have CIN 3 again. Private consulant wants me to bypass a biopsy and just have LLETZ straight away on Monday morning, then take the biopsy from there. He said it just needs to come out ASAP and then will work from there.

I said I can't afford to go private again (had a one off consultation for answers, which I have now) and therefore he's written an urgent referral to my GP, who said she'll process it on Monday or Tuesday and there's currently a 4 week wait for just a colposcopy! I can't wait that long, I'm in bits!!

Has anyone else gone private for LLETZ? How much was it?


Lucy x

Hi found this

Might allow you to make some comparisons

mollz xx


i had had exactly the same thoughts about going private when I found out I had to wait 2 weeks for an appointment. Luckily though I rang the hospital first thing on Monday morning (after getting my results of high grade dyskaryosis on the Friday) And they had a cancellation for the next day. It might be worth ringing the hospital and see if they have had any cancellations if you find the wait is too long once you have the appointment? I don't know who would ever cancel but it seems people do! x



Thanks for your responses. I rang the hospital and they've managed to get me in next Tues (11th) so I have gone with that. Feeling all very cut up about it all :(

How did your appointment go Louise? x

Hi, I had the abnormal cells removed at my appointment, I was just relieved to be there so quickly. I got my results back yesterday and they confirmed CIN3 and HPV+ and to go back in 6 months for a repeat smear. I'm just worried that they will come back because of this HPV and I am wanting to start trying for a baby. Good luck with your appointment next week and I'm sure all will be fine xx