Priority 2 Hysterectomy

I’ve been getting colposcopys for 12 months but they have been unsuccessful, total abdominal hysterectomy planned, advised 4 weeks as I was urgent priority 2, but booking clerk is saying 6 months wait, I’m beginning to lose my sanity, has anyone else had this hurdle?

Hi Robin0987

I hope you are okay, although from reading your post, things seem to be quite stressful lately. I too have been told that my only option now is to have a total abdominal Hysterectomy and was told to expect it to be by the end of Aug early Sept, I spoke to a lady who told me the wait will be much longer but consultant is still saying end of Aug. Its stressful not knowing when it will be. I do hope that you are able to get some kind of idea soon of when they will be able to do the operation for you.
sending you a hug
take care of yourself

Lilo x

I’m sorry to here that we’re in the same boat, sounds like your in priority 2 aswell, nhs guidelines are for treatment within 4 weeks, which may be why your consultant is say late Aug, the problem is at booking the procedure, I think its a backlog but that doesn’t really help us, spoken to them but the response was still the same, quite rudely, ’ wait your turn’
This is absolutley the worst time to need the NHS,
I’m uncomfortable making a fuss but will ring in a few weeks if not recieved a date, hope you do get your surgery when the consultant says, please keep in touch and best of luck x

Hi @Robin0987

Sorry for delayed reply, I hope you are doing okay.

You are so right, it’s not helpful when they are rude, and you shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable for enquiring about something that will be happening to you :pensive: a little bit on compassion and kindness costs absolutely nothing. I hope that you hear something soon.
I’m still yet to hear anything about my procedure, but hopefully will hear something soon, feel free to message anytime.

Take care lovely


I am waiting to hear the results of my 3rd lletz after last two haven’t provided clear results. I’ve been told I am likely to be looking at a hysterectomy too if the results come back as uncleared. It’s been going on for a year and a half and I’m at my wits end with the appointments and the waiting. I just wa to to know now what’s happening so I can work out when I can get on with life!

Hi EmmaC

It’s awful the not knowing, and the waiting for results. I do hope that your results come soon so that it can help you relax a little.
How do you feel about the prospect of a hysterectomy? I can sympathize where your coming from, it’s a lot of waiting and not knowing when things are going to happen and what procedures they will need to do.

Sending virtual hugs your way.

All the best

Lilo x

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Hi Lilo
I just got news that I had low grade and not high as my test of cure smear showed. I am beyond relieved. I do know that it stands a chance of changing again in the coming months or years and I think I am better prepared if I need a hysterectomy now in the future


That’s great news, I’m so pleased for you, I understsnd your feelings off wanting to get on with your life, it’s hard to make plans when you’ve no idea when your going to be incapasitated especially since it had such a long recovery, I’m relieved you don’t have to go through the anxiety any longer
Best wishes x x x

Thank you Robin. I will book mark this chat thread as I may be back in the future. Good luck with your operation and thank you for your kind words. It means a lot albeit from strangers on the internet :kissing_heart: