prickling? after LA

So had my colposcopy and biopsy on thursday.  While discussing whether on not to cauterize the area, i was bleeding from the biopsy site so fonsultant decided to do it... he said this would stop the bleeding and also act as a treatment. Anyways, he injected me with the LA and began the treatment and i pretty much felt nothing other than a mild heat.  However, since then, ive had this odd prickling, numb sensation down there... just wondering if anyone else has felt odd things downstairs after similar treatment...

Hi Alex,

I couldn't be 100% sure about this but I expect that your prickling/numb sensation has more to do with the biopsy and cauterisation than it is to do with the local anaesthetic. The anaesthetic will have worn off and you are probably feeling the actual 'injury'. If it begins to tickle or itch that means it's healing.

Be lucky


Thanks Tivoli,

I actually think i might have cystitis so off to the doctor again... you know i never go to the doctor but I feel like ive been living there for the past 2 months haha!

Sorry for TMI now... Yesterday I passed a small piece of *skin*? And last night a large piece of 'skin' with some mucus and black bits, probably about 2 inches long although i feel like it had all been in a ball if that makes sense? I see people mention this after lletz but since i didnt have lletz I wasnt expecting it at all!

Hi Alex :-)

I think everyone here knows what it is like to suddenly take up residence at the doctor's ;-)

Can't help you with the bits of 'skin' though it wouldn't surprise me if that were something to do with the cauterisation too, especially 'black bits'. I haven't had this procedure myself so cannot really help you there. Good luck with the cystitis! Hateful thing!

Be lucky


Hey Tivoli!

Thanks for your replys! It seems everything is linked to the biopsy and cauterisation (either that or my doctor doesnt know whats going on-i feel like shes a little bit scared of my lady bits haha-honestly, i have a better time with male doctors as odd as that sounds but i feel like since they dont have these things they are more curious about them although one male doctor refused to do a vaginal swab for me and sent me off to the nurse a few weeks ago when i had BV poor boy was probably afraid of the fact that I didnt care who looked at it!-funny thing how all sense of dignity goes out the window when it comes to diagnosing whats going on downstairs!

I have to say, your post on 'My Big Fat Greek Hysterectomy' is amazing! That should be a sticky here-its a total inspiration to everyone here! Honestly, i might not be anywhere near that stage but your story gave me hope right at the beginning and allowed me to actually smile so thankyou!