previous smear tests missed this???

hi all

i've had just been told i have CC yesterday at 5.30 pm (nice start to a weekend) and the numbness is starting to fade and the reality is setting in.

i went to a health assessment with my PMI on 25/5 and had a smear as part of this.  i was then called in for a colposcopy 2 weeks later and the surgeon asked to see me.  Stupidly i didn't bring anyone with me as i didn't really think anything of it so i was told my diagnosis on my own and then had about a 20 minute drive home alone.

the next steps i've been told are an MRI, its been staged at 1B - does this usually change after the MRI.  and the consultant is transferring me to a specialist and i am to expect a radical hystorectomy.

i had abnormal cells on a smear test 4 years ago and was told to stay on a yearly cycle, the next smear did not pick this up and i went back to 3 yearly cycles i wonder if this smear was a false negative.

another thing i've notices since the colposcopy is the discharge which is very bloody and has had clots.  the consultant said i should expect this until the surgery.

i lost my husband 4 years ago and am now extremely worried about my two children 8 & 6.


Hi I'm in a very similar place to you - I'm widowed ( young) with two children and now I'm waiting for cone biopsy and lletz results. I also had abnormal smears previously but was told it was due to cervical erosion and not CIN . It's very upsetting when your the sole parent alive looking after two children. I've been quite tearful and although trying not to worry I have been as the days have past while I'm waiting to see if they've treated me or if I will need more. All I can say is , your not alone and if you need o talk to someone who is going through similar I'm here x 

Cc1978 thank you for your kind words and support. 

Hi Patlini,

So sorry to hear of your CC diagnosis

I'm sorry I can't offer much advice regarding the smear results being wrong, but I just wanted to let you know I had a loop biopsy the same day as my colposcopy and I bleed continuouly for 4 weeks afterwards (sometimes with clots) so this is perfectly normal after the procedure.

Try to stay positive (easier said then done I know), but 1B is pretty early stages so hopefully everything will be ok

This site is brilliant for advice and support and there are lots of success stories you can read, which helped me stay positive about things.

Hopefully the MRI goes well, I never had one so not sure about if they can restage the CC from an MRI. Try contacting your specialist nurse if you have any questions that we are unable to answer on here

Sending big hugs

Lisa x x x

Abnormal Smear 15/04/2013, Colposcopy & Lletz Procedure 30/04/2013, Diagnosed CC 15/05/2013, Cone Biopsy 03/06/2013, Results: Cancer fully removed but CIN still present 20/06/2013, 3 monthly colposcopies needed

Dear Patlini,


I'm so sorry you have had this news. It must have been such a shock and naturally worried about your children. Do you have people close to you who can come to future appointments. I'm not in the same boat regarding cc but my (many) smears missed my recurrent CIN because it is positioned away from where they normaly take the sample (around the hole in the middle). Perhaps this is the case with you?


I wish you all the best for your MRI and hope that your treatment is straightforward.


J xxx

hi Jess

thanks for your reply, i guess i was just frustrated and angry.  i'd lived in America for 10 years and there it is an annual checkup. i remember being told at my last smear there that there was mild abnormaiities and to keep an eye on it.  my first smear here didn't show this so i was put back on the 3 year cycle.  i just can't help wondering if it had been picked up on an annual checkup i would not be in this situation.  

i know that i cannot change the past though and i must look forward to dealing with the recommended treatment plan and with a good positive attitude.