Previous LLETZ removed larger area than expected - Additional risks?

Hi all,

I've had a LLETZ in 2014 removing CIN3. Today during my colposcopy appointment for an abnormal smear (high-grade dyskariosis) I inquired into this and I was told the area removed in 2014 was larger than I was previously told, measuring 20mmx15mm. From my understanding of the scientific papers, this puts me in a risk category (anything over 10mm increases risk for miscarriage, preterm delivery, etc.). 

Have any of you had experiences with LLETZ and pregnancies? If so, it would be so helpful if you could share and let me know any thoughts! I'm a bit worried as I recall the consultant having said after the LLETZ that she only took 1cm out.

Thanks a lot! xx

I would call and ask them again as that doesn't sound right to me. Are they doing lletz again? You can ring them are request the precious histology report. I did this and then took it to a private consultant. Expensive but for me worth every penny. Good luck xx

Hey! I can't speak as to pregnancy after LLETZ as we were waiting for the 6 month all clear (which I got today woo!) before we started trying, but I did have a "top hat" removal for CGIN meaning my consultant removed around 15mm. As I was concerned for future risk of miscarriage as you are (very understandably so!) I spoke with my consultant at the time. She told me essentially whenever I hopefully do fall pregnant in the future that at early appointments you're normally asked if you have had any treatment to the cervix (such as LLETZ) and to explain that I had around 15mm removed, this would normally then result in an ultrasound to measure the length of your remaining cervix and whether you require additional support such as a cervical stitch. I think average cervix length can range from 3-5cm, Stitching my cervix shut doesn't sound that fun but I try to think this was all so important to remove those pesky abnormal cells. I'm not sure if this helps but it certainly put my mind at ease a little! Hope you are recovering well :)

Hi Sophie, thanks so much for your response! Huge congrats on your six months all clear - that must be such a relief!!

Yes, I agree I'd rather have a stitch put in than risk a miscarriage. It's all a worrying time and I think the best thing to do is to talk to all consultants/nurses etc. from the start to ensure the process is as smooth as possible and they are aware of my past medical history. The scan is a very good idea! I asked my consultant prior to my previous colposcopy if this is something they could do there and then, but he said this would be done during pregnancy. So what's left for me now is to get pregnant, fingers crossed!

All the best for you! xx