Previous CIN3 and growth on cervix

Hi all,


I've been reading through this forum A LOT over the last few weeks as I have had some unusual symptoms, and Google always brought me here. Brief history - I had a smear test after my son, and at 22 they picked up that I had CIN3 and HPV. I had a colposcopy and the LLETZ procedure done and thought nothing much of it. Had a very complicated second pregnancy and a clear smear after my daughter was born. In the last few months I have had really heavy periods, here comes an over share - some days I'd need to wear a super tampon, maxi pad and in some instances I'd chuck one of my daughters nappies in as well for extra measure. Completely unlike my usual light periods, so the GP suggested I go onto the implant as it may balance things, and as I'd fallen pregnant on the injection before that was out the question.


Since then, I've been having irregular periods which I put down to the implant, until I started bleeding after sex, and sex became really uncomfortable and at times painful. My husband started to stress a bit too so I thought I’d check it out. The GP sent me for another smear which I waited 2 weeks for, so two weeks of my mind diagnosing all sorts of things for me! I had my smear today and told the nurse my concerns before she did it. She was SO lovely and comforting. She then told me that while she was gathering the sample up there, she spotted a noticeable growth on my cervix and obviously she'd like the doctor to check me out in two weeks when the smear results come back.


That's all well and good, but it means I'll have another two weeks of driving myself crazy with what if's! I know this has now basically turned into a book, but if anyone can share experiences with me that are somehow related - good or bad outcomes - I would be so appreciative. Alternatively if anyone knows of a pill that stops your brain from over thinking for two weeks that would be great as well!


I'll stop rambling! Thanks in advance ladies xxx


Hi.. i can completely relate to the worrying part its normal. My situation was different as my smears have aways been clear. I was iognosed after a massive heamorrage hwever i did experience post coital bleeding whch started last feb, the docs baically fobbed me off with sayin it was hormonal. If it is something sinster whats been spotted 2 weeks wait will not make a differance so i belive,  itry not to worry easier said i knw but it will only make u ill . I urned into a nervous wreck  and was put on seeping tabets as i ould not sleep with worryng. Maybe if  you visit your gp they could prescribe omething to help you . Somene else will be along soon with more info, this is a fantastic site for info and support.

All the best lea ( sorry about spelling on m tablet)

Hi Kate

With regards to the growth on the cervix, I once had a nurse tell me the same after my first LLETZ (i've had 2). The doctor saw me and referred me urgently to gynae doctor at hospital. Cue the examination and the doctor looking all bemused - it was just the appearance of my cerviz after the LLETZ! Neither the nurse or doctor had obviously seen it before. The doctor was more than annoyed at them. I'm still glad they sent me, as they were concerned but turns out it was nothing. I always get my smears done at the sexual health clinic now, as they are so much more clued up than my doctors surgery.

Good luck and we all have our fingers crossed for you. Let us know how you get on.

Erika x

Thanks for replying ladies, is so good to hear from someone who has been down a similar path or has some encouraging words. I've not really told anyone about my concerns or about what the nurse said as I don't want to cause widespread panic throughout my family when it may just be a simple benign polyp causing all this drama. I just have a funny little feeling and this little thing on my shoulder planting seeds that something isn't right, but I will try my best to completely ignore it for 2 weeks until my results come back! I really do appreciate your replies, it's nice to have someone to "talk" to about this that won't freak out :)