Previous CGIN *fertility mentioned*

Hi there,


About this time last year I had an abnormal smear and colp which showed CGIN. Had a lletz and got a letter which said all the abnormal cells had been removed, and discharged me back to my GP for a 6 month follow up smear. This was normal. Soon after that follow up, I fell pregnant.

Here are my questions:

I have seen many people say they are monitored more closely after lletz due to shortening of the cervix. I have spoken to 2 midwives about this and neither are interested. I have only had one treatment but I have no idea how much of my cervix was removed (and nor do they!) Do I/Can I push this any further? Or would you take them at their word that it isn't a problem?

Secondly, I only received a normal smear. Should I have received a 'brush and broom' smear as I had CGIN?? Again, should I follow this up??

Finally, I will be due my next follow up smear when I am about halfway through my pregnancy. Would you have the smear? One midwife has told me not to worry which the other has said it is up to me. I know I wouldn't have treatment, but if it was abnormal at least I could be monitored closely? Having said that, I obviously don't really want the stress for half of my pregnancy. What would you do?!


I think I will talk to my GP about my concerns but thanks to anyone who can help in the meantime. I have also posted this in fertility but not sure that gets much traffic so apologies for the double post.

I have been reading about this as I would like to have another child In the future and it would seem that some health boards have you under midwife and consultant care during the pregnancy. I have also read that having a smear and even colposcopy is safe, although if any treatment was required this would wait till after the birth of baby. My smear was due just before I fell pregnant and i put it off for some time (years) and am now waiting on biopsy results... I would say go for your appointment as you will be well looked after!

most of all.. Enjoy your pregnancy and the new life you're nuturing xx

Sorry for delayed reply! My impression is that post-Lletz treatment of CGIN varies depending on the trust, country etc.... I had treatment for CGIN about 2 months ago and was told that I would return to the clinic for all future smears because it was CGIN. They explained that they would do a smear as well as visual examination under colposcopy. Although I was a bit alarmed, I suppose it was a relief that they would be monitoring. All regular smear tests do (as I understand it) collect cells from inside the cervix (i.e a satisfactory smear includes both endo and ectocervical cells, so glandular abnormalities should be picked up....  If you are concerned, I would perhaps go to your GP rather than midwife, or even consider contacting the clinic where you had your LLETZ treatment and ask whether you could have a smear and colposcopy given your history. I assume you are getting a smear test every six months anyway so they will have to do one and in theory this should show up abnormalities. Good luck!