Prev Cin3 dyskaryosis - now brown discharge - I'm terrified!

Hello all, it’s been about 2 years since I visited. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with cin3 and had a LLETZ. 12 month check up showed cin3 again, so I had another LLETZ, but tested neg for HPV on check-up. Meaning they don’t want to see me for 3 years. I requested a smear last year and was denied…

For the last few days I’ve been really worried. I started to see a slightly pink discharge, this quickly changed to a dark red/brown with mucus. For the past 2 days it’s been heavy enough for me to use tampons as I would during a normal period.

I’m midway through my cycle, on the pill and my body is like clockwork, so I really think this is not my period… I can’t get an appointment with the GP for a week :frowning:

I haven’t had any pains in my abdomen. I have had the flu in the last 2 weeks, but never anything like this. I also took a pregnancy test, though the timings wouldn’t have added up, that was negative.

I’m really really worried… Has anyone experienced similar? Does anyone have any advice?


You really need to go back to your doctor, they won't give you a smear test just because you ask, you may need to tell them about your symptoms but lay it on a bit if you know what I mean. You know your own body....

I had  lletz treatment for CIN 2&3 in December 2014, I had a review in May 2015 and was given the all clear, and that the margins were clear and that the HPV had gone. Recently I started having alot of discharge again which is what led me to go to the doctor the first time round. He referred me straight back to the colposcopy clinic. The doctor there told me (before examining me) that it was highly unlikey anything was wrong with me, yet when looked needed to take two biopsy and seemed very quiet so here I am awaiting the results once again.

no one knows your body like you so if you are concerned dont let it rest.... Good luck