Pretty Worried and confused

So I just had my first smear (I'm 26) and didnt think anything of it, then I suddenly get a letter in the post saying I have CIN ll HPVand that I need a colposcopy...

I had my colposcopy (which was one of the most horendous things I've had done), more because I was on my own and scared and couldnt see what was going on (not that I wanted to lol), and he opened the speclum far too wide by accident which REALLY hurt me.


Thought THAT was all over and I get another nice letter in the post saying that I had 'a slightly higher than anticipated abnormality' and now I have to go for a 'Loop Diathermy Biopsy'.


I'm totally confused as to what that is, because from some reading it sounds like I'm going for another colposcopy, which I dont see how it 

can make any more of a difference, but other reading suggests I'm going to need a local anesthetic to my cervix and they'll take a bigger biopsy.

a)I'm terrified about having a needle down there

b) Confused as to what I'm actually going to have done this time.

I was wondering if anyone could help me as I'm getting in a bit of a state about it this time, after my experience from before wasnt the best.
Luckily my boyfriend is coming this time for moral support.

Thanks everyone :) 

Hi the loop treatment is a bit different from the colposcopy, i had it done 3 weeks ago under local, i have read on here that some people have had a general anesthetic if they are really nervous, i would phone the hospital and ask if you can have this instead, but i will just say im not to great with needles also, but i didnt feel anything, none of the procedure was sore just a bit uncomfortable, the treatment lasted about 5 minutes.


good luck x


Hi, The loop/lletz is where they take away the abnormal area of your cervix with an electric loop and as awful as it sounds I promise it isn't that bad. The reason people say it's like a colposcopy is that it is no more painful or uncomfortable than the colposcopy, I didn't feel the local anaesthetic at all or the removal of the abnormal area. What they remove is sent away like a biopsy for a more thorough check and to make sure they got it all. There is a sense of relief that the abnormal cells have been removed too. I took some painkillers an hour before my appointment and I think that helped and its fine to do that. Good luck you'll be fine :)

Hi there,

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. Yes the loop diathermy (also called LLETZ) is done during another colposcopy. I also find them difficult so understand how that feels. 

I've had LLETZ in clinic and also under GA. If you're really worried, do talk to them about having a GA.  You're not out long with a GA, it just means you you're not aware of the procedure. The thing is everyone is different, for some women it's fine, for others it's more difficult, and you have go with what's right for you.

I did feel the local anaesthetic but it wasn't too bad. You shouldn't feel pain but you might feel some sensation when they use the wire to remove the tissue (I felt warmth and tugging which was weird but didn't hurt). They also give a shot of adrenaline in the cervix too before the LLETZ, but this was after the anasthetic and the area was numb by then.

Most women only need to have LLETZ done once, and it's important to get the abnormal cells removed. There is always the option of GA if you're really anxious. 

Take care and all the best to you x

Thank you everyone. You're so kind. :)


I've never had to go to hospital before or have anything big done. I had a kidney stone before but only had an ultrasound, nothing invasive like this. My mum has never had to have it done either so she's no able to help me (but is worried of course).

I also live 3 hours away from home so none of my family are able to come with me. My boyfriend is however.


Thankyou for clearing up what happens, i have to just keep telling myself that its important to get this done and that its obviously better than what COULD happen.

Just never expected to be one of the people who ends up having an abnormal result.



 Everytime my boyfriend and I go to have sex, I end up bleeding, quite a lot at the time, but it usually stops by the next day. Could this be to do with the abonormal cells? I've been to the doctor about STD/I's as I had chlymidia once and did get it treated. She said I was all clear now, so I'm a bit confused/worried about why I'm bleeding?

Was going to wait till all this is over before I approach them again and ask.