Pretty anxious

Hi everyone,


I’m new here and I’m not entirely sure I’m in the right place but old messages from this forum keep coming up whenever I search google for information about my situation. Please feel free to tell me if it’s not appropriate to be posting here.


I had an abnormal smear 3 years ago and had a punch biopsy and follow-up smears every year since then. They have all been clear.


Last August I missed a period, briefly worried I might be pregnant despite having the copper coil fitted but I wasn’t. Since then my periods have become longer (9-10 days), incredibly painful (only getting through the day by alternating paracetamol and ibuprofen every two hours) and between periods I have had spotting, bloody discharge and bleeding after sex. I have an almost constant low level cramp like pain throughout the month which (as indicated above) goes into overdrive during my period) I also have occasional really sharp stabbing or twisting pains. I also have bloating and constipation.


I have been to the doctors a number of times and had my last smear done at family planning because of difficulties with timings at my own surgery. I bled from the smear so they arranged for me to see their gynaecologist. I have had two ultrasound scans since this started last August, neither of which ‘showed’ anything, however on both occasions my bladder wasn’t full and this in combination with the fact that my womb tips backwards might explain why nothing was seen. I now have a new doctor’s surgery and have seen a new doctor and she is being very quick and thorough with this which is good but also freaking me out a little.


I had an examination at the new doctors last week which caused me to bleed for two days. I have bled on and off since. From my appointment last Wednesday 21st I got an ultrasound appointment for Tuesday 27th. The guy was really shocked that they hadn't seen anything on my last ones. They told me there's a growth in my womb and it was either a fibroid or polyp and they'd send the info to my doctor.


Doctor had phoned me on Monday but I missed it and said to call her back on Wednesday when she would be back in. I called and she says she'd fast tracked me to the gynaecologist after the examination and speaking to coploscopy. She had also got my scan results today and the report says it's definitely a polyp. She says because of the bleeding and the history of having to have a punch biopsy for previously she's glad she fast tracked me. She said given my history she wanted me seen quickly to make sure it's not something 'nasty'.


Ordinarily I'd be trying to put it out of my head but I can't because I have the constant low level cramp as a constant reminder, and the random bleeding.


It must be pretty big relatively speaking because the ultrasound guy said it's moved my coil forward a bit.


My question is this. Could this polyp be coming from high up in my cervix and showing up in my womb?


 I have read that you can get cancerous cells high in the cervix which don’t show up on smears and I’m worried the punch biopsy didn’t go deep/high enough and left behind cells which have grown into this ‘polyp’. I’m also a little unsettled by the ultrasound guys reaction when he saw it and his intense questions about whether I was certain nothing had shown up before. I’m worried that it’s pretty big and has been causing my constipation by pressing on my bowel and that they are using the word ‘polyp’ euphemistically.


So yeah, sorry if you think this is not anything cervical at all, but I just wondered about the ‘high’ up cancers and if this could be related.


Any help or advice or sharing of similar stories would be appreciated. I am seeing the gynaecologist on Thursday 6th July (fast tracked on the 14 day rule apparently) and not sure what to expect.