Pressure in abdomen post Colposcopy biopsy

Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting on here, although this forum has been a very valuable resource of knowledge over the past month! I had my first colposcopy last Thursday (5 days ago), following HPV +ve and abnormal cells. About 4 days after the procedure I've developed a strong pressure in my lower abdomen, it feels like a balloon is being inflated in my pelvic region/uterus area. My discharge is also very heavy, watery and yellow, with a distinct but slight fishy odor. It also hurts to bend over. However, no fever or other sign of infection.

I was given "back up" metronidazole which I took two doses of- it got rid of the smell, but I was having strong anxiety/psychosis on it, so discontinued immediately. I've now been moved onto co-amoxiclav for 7 days. My question is whether a slight fishy smell and heavy discharge are considered normal post colposcopy and biopsy, or whether this is early stage infection. I am supposed to be in Kenya from next week (for fieldwork) and will be in very rural areas. Has anyone had experiences of ongoing infections/ ones which need repeat antibiotic course- is it safe to be so far from medical care so soon after a colposcopy? Any reassurance/advice welcome! 

Thank you!