Preparing for Lletz

hi ladies, I have my Lletz on Wednesday morning.

I have a mental list that I need to tick off

1 Hoover my house from top to bottom

2. complete my  ironing basket

3. get my shopping done

4 get my legs & bits waxed


have I missed anything off? 

I am hoping the waxing will be more painful than the Lletz. Please tell me that's the case.... Sometimes I hate being a woman...reading my list back, it's not disimilar to when I go on my hols (I would deffo jump on a plane & escape right now)!!!

5. Drink copious amounts of tea!

Trust me, waxing is a hell of a lot worse than lletz! Good luck my love, not that you need it, won't be long before you're the one reassuring everyone that lletz is nothing to worry about :) xxx

Hi Sadie,

I love a list! I would add:

Purchase a stash of wine/ chocolate/ trashy mags/ painkillers (think possible period pains) for sofa time.

Buy way more sanitary towels than you think you may need, and take one with you, along with some baby wipes - NHS supplies are awful!

Have a last bath, as scented hot and bubbly as you can

Be prepared to feel a bit wobbly and take it easy for a few days at least. This is a surgical procedure and it is important to take time to recover.

It is all over very quickly and you shouldn't feel anything. Having a big day out with the kiddos tomorrow thinking I may not be up for much next week. Good luck,  x x x