Preparing for Hysterectomy any advice appreciated


So I’ve got my hysterectomy booked for 22 Feb at the grand old age of 41. I’m feeling a bit scared and I’m already dreaming about being given giant oversized t-shirts after reading that nighties were a must wear hysterectomy item (still trying to guess exactly why).

I don’t have children but that worries me less than the fear of developing cc as I feel I’ve been on a rapid roller coaster of treatment and I’m hoping this will be the last of it.

So I figured I needed some advice (humourous or otherwise):

What should I pack? I’ve just bought big pants.

Does mint tea work and how much should I be drinking?

How did you cope emotionally?

How long did it take to recover?

Thank you

I’m cin 3, hpv, high grade dyskarsis
1 lletz, 1 loop, 2 cone biopsies
Averaging 1 operation a year and hoping this is the last of it
I also like birds, sharks and cooking