Preparing for a colposcopy

What went through my mind when invited to my diagnostic colposcopy: do I need to tidy the lady garden? Will they look at me strangely if it's gone wild (this was the end of lockdown so I had no need to tidy it)? How much is a bikini wax? I don't like showing my bits to medical professionals so why would I show them to a beautician? What should I wear? I want to look as though I'm in control of myself and my life. Do I need a full-leg shave? What do other people do?

What went through my mind when preparing for today's colposcopy and LLETZ: well, I'll not be going on holiday or swimming for 4 weeks, so that would be a waste of too much preparation. Yep, a shower will do.

I do feel that this whole process (smear -> colposcopy -> LLETZ) has reduced my inhibitions somewhat. To be honest, I'd probably consider a bikini wax now!

I think I wouldn't worry. 
I'm doing the opposite for my Lletz, you aren't allowed any sex  after for 4-6 weeks. Why make the effort ? 

I completely agree, Rebecca. Not worth the effort. It seems trivial but I worried about this so much in the run up to my first colposcopy and by the second, so not a concern. I remember a counsellor once saying to me that 'worry will out' and I was so concerned about the LLETZ that grooming barely crossed my mind. I'm aware that you're on a similar journey to me though with longer periods of waiting (the waiting!) between each appointment, and hope all goes well for you next Monday (if not before - my fingers are crossed for you).

I'm always really careful about it when I'm with my partner. I think I care more what he thinks than the doc or nurse ( I'm getting a nurse for my Lletz on Monday I think ).

To be honest, my partner is a lucky man lol


and thank you x