Hi Ladies

After 16 months and a bit of a struggle I have given in .... Today I have agreed to try HRT.

I am not really sure why I was so agaist it ...( think I just wanted to deal with everything myself.. mrs control freak!!) but i have just found the awful aches pains and negativity too much and decided I can't continue to decline as i have the last few months.

I feel a bit disappointed in myself not coping but think at the moment it is probably best for me before i go crazy :(

I understand my discomfort is trivial compared to some peoples treatment but I hope you can understand and

any advice or experiences of premarin would be great please

Many thanks to you all

Kath xx

Hi Kath,

Don't give yourself a hard time about not being able to cope without HRT. You've had a massive change in how your body works and sometimes we need a bit of help to replace those hormones that have been taken away really suddenly by the surgery. 

i can't comment on your brand of HRT but will say I've had no problems with mine. My doctor said to give it 3 months and if it doesn't agree with you then to try another brand and you will find the one that works for you. I hope it goes ok with the first brand



Sorry! Blooming iPad! Good luck with it and I hope you start feeling better. Tess xxx


Hi Kath,

I'm on Premarin, second month & finding it better than previous 2 HRT medications. 

Like you, I didn't think I needed the treatment but after over a year since my chemo-radiotherapy realised 16 years of 'coping' without the hormones was going to be difficult and was going to impact not only my life but my families! So far so good!

Nic xx


i was DXd cervical adenocarcinoma 1b1 this past summer, had a rad hyst w/out chemo nor radiation but was started on Premarin .625 once a day which has been a MIRACLE pill for me!  I was having awful hot flashes but now feel back to "normal" but worry the estrogen might be risky with the DX I had.  How are you feeling now and what HRT are you on now?


I am afraid i never collected the prescription i was given as i had second thoughts about the whole thing. I did actually start to feel a lot better and the night sweats have eased.

Struggled on but have just been diagnosed with vaginal atrophy... I have no idea if taking HRT would have spared me this but i now have a vagianl pessaty containing oesrogen only to  ' sort me out'

Hope it works :)

Best wishes