Pregnant & worried

a year ago, I had to have a colposcopy and treatment as my cells were CIN 2&3. 

Due my 6 month check up in April, but in March I fell pregnant with my 2nd child. They told me that I needed to wait until after I've given birth for my next check up. I'm so worried that s it's been a year since my treatment that it's developed into something sinister.

im due in 2 weeks and just want this baby out so I can be tested again :-(

When I was at my colposcopy the nurse said something about being told to have a smear 6 weeks after the birth of her baby, it was about not being able to get away with missing a smear working there, I don't remember the exact conversation though, what with being a little distracted.

But if that's the case you could get booked in for a smear fairly soon after the birth.  Everything i've read says that cell changes are slow so being a few months late hopefully won't mean a severe change.

Try to keep distracted, i'm sure that in 2 weeks that won't be a problem though!