Pregnant with HSIL CIN3 and CIS

Hi All, 

I am new to the forum and happy I found it.  I am 17 weeks pregnant.  Several weeks ago I had a pap done.  The results came back HSIL with CIN3 and CIS cells.  I have a colposcopy and biopsy scheduled next week. Sunday my OB called with more positive test results.  This time it was positive for a possible birth defect in the baby.  Spina bifida.  I go for a 3-d ultrasound tomorrow. However I read that the protein tested in these tests (alpha-fetoglobulin) are found in cancer patients.  I'm hoping at this point that the two things are conncected and the baby is ok. I'm scared and anxious to get all these tests done.



I meant to mention my symptoms.  Pain and spotting during/after sex.  Constant pelvic pain.  And lower back pain. 

Hi, Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear what a scary time you are having.

Wishing you all the best.

Be lucky