Pregnant with CC- delivery method??

Hi all,

I am going to see an oncologist tomorrow but am hoping to get some thoughts or experiences from others...

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and diagnosed with A1A (A1A or 1A I forget how it's written) CC. We watched closely over the pregnancy every few months with colpos and it developed as my pregnancy progressed. 

Two years ago, my doctor had a similar case but earlier in the pregnancy. They had time to take the case before a tumor board and were told to do a C-section at 36 or 37 weeks (I forget which) and then a cone biopsy. Now, although we don't have time to go before a board, my doctor spoke with a local, respected oncologist who says there is no evidence that a C-section is necessary and now the protocol is to allow vaginal birth in early stage CC, but when my husband and I reviewed the study with him it was a study of 98 women...

To us, the concern (that the cancer cells could be "pushed out" and spread to other parts of the body) is so scary that we feel like we need a whole lot more than a 98 person study to opt out of a section! To my doctor, he feels that theoretical concerns are outweighed by scientific evidence (ie, we don't make choices based on what we "think" might happen, but what actually happens in real studies). Unfortunately, studies with both pregnancy AND CC are more rare and there isn't much official protocol that I can find.

Also, I'm torn about the decision between a hyster or a cone. This is our fourth child, and although we weren't planning on it being our last, we are fortunate to have 3 and hopefully soon 4 healthy kids. The idea of removing more so that this can be less likely to recur and put it all behind me (mostly I guess) is tempting. At the same time, it's a major surgery and the recovery looks frightening!

Any thoughts, experience, or support much appreciated!


I had a c section at 32 weeks followed by a hysterectomy but my tumour was 4cm when it was discovered so they wanted to get it out as soon as possible. A girl I used to work with had a vaginal birth with cervical cancer, not sure if it was found before or during labour but she's doing fine, better than me in fact. 

If I were you I would have a hysterectomy (assuming you don't want more children). It may seem like I've overkill but when cancer is involved it's worth being on the safe side. The recovery is manageable and I'm told if it's a robotic procedure it's even quicker. Type it in the search bar and I'm sure there will be lots of results.

Hope everything goes well.

Cara xx

I would advise not to have a hysterectomy right now, enjoy your baby and have a cone. If then at a later date a full radical hysterectomy is your only option then go for it meantime if you can, leave all your optins open. After the birth think about your self and boost your immune system with vitamins etc etc etc,