Pregnant for follow up smear

I had a LLETZ at the end of September last year after my routine smear showed severe dyskaryosis. LLETZ came back as grade two CIN with clear margins. The consultant said to have a follow up smear around March time. I’m now 16 weeks pregnant, and my GP surgery will not do smears on pregnant ladies. I have spoken to the consultant’s secretary who said I can go back to the hospital and have my smear done there, but that most people prefer to wait until after the baby is born. I’ve not been able to speak to my consultant directly to see what he would suggest. Just wondered what others in a similar situation have done? I guess if I have the smear done and it’s normal that’s peace of mind, but if it’s abnormal I’ll have to wait until after the birth to have any treatment so then have that worry hanging over me! Likewise if I don’t have it done I’ll have the worry at the back of mind of ‘what if there’s something abnormal going on down there?!’ I’m 32 years old. Thank you x