Pregnant and worried



I am so sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place as my query is not specifically about cancer, but low risk hpv.


I am four months pregnant, and five years ago I had a relatively small outbreak, my first and only ever, of genital warts. 

They cleared swiftly with treatment, and, although I had an unclear smear test 6 months later, i have never had a recurrence and all smears have been clear since then.

However, i have this week discovered 2 small genital warts, that have been confirmed by GUM which I understand have been trigged by the lowering of my immune system in pregnancy.

I am a Hyperchondriac of ridiculous proportion, and, despite being assured by my docs there is no risk to baby having GW in pregnancy, and a very very low risk of baby being affected in childbirth if lesions are present, I am obsessed by the risk of my child develoing laryngeal papillomatosis. I am so worried.


Does anyone know anything about the risks of this happening? I desperately don't want to risk the health of my baby and I am terrified I may be responsible for passing this on to them. This is my first baby, so desperately wanted, and I will do all I can to protect him/her. Doctor was not even remtely concerned and will not be treatingg the warts, and even advised they will likely get bigger or worse but disappear again after pregnancy, but even his calmness and kindess - as he is lovely - has not eased my mind. Hopefully time will......


Again, I am so sorry if this is in the wrong place  or inappropriate etc. xxxxx

Hiya Hun,

Sorry I haven't got any info really for you but just wanted to say im thinking of you. I know it must be very hard to not feel stressed by it all but I'd say if your doctors isn't worried in the slightest then he's probably right. I'm sure if he had any concerns atal he'd do extra checks. You could always ring your midwife or ask for health visitors details if you still worried and would like someone to talk to.




I had a conversation about hpv with my doc and was told there is no risk to baby. Please don't let this worrying affect your pregnancy.. Enjoy every moment and pamper yourself ;)