Pregnant and scared of how quick it’s been!


I'm terrified. I'm 18 weeks pregnant. I've had heavy bleeds throughout. EPU referred me for colposcopy which I had on Tuesday. The Dr said he wouldn't do a biopsy and would wait till 3 months postpartum. During the colposcopy I bled heavily and the Dr said he was worried by what he saw and would need to take a biopsy and I would get the results within the week (which scared me already!) skip to the day after the procedure and out of the blue I get a call from the MRI department to come on the next day (even more frightening!) had no indication that this would happen at all. As you can imagine I'm really scared I'm a single mum of 5. Had a call yesterday to say the consultant needs to see me on Tuesday. Exactly a week and I've had colposcopy, biopsy, MRI and follow up appointment. In my head I think it can only be bad news as it's all happening so quickly. I'm so snappy and emotional (not helped by pregnancy) I've had symptoms before pregnancy but the doctor only gave me antibiotics for post coitial bleeding. Some virtual handholds and hugs would be appreciated. Sending my love to any other ladies that need it.


So sorry you're having to deal with this, especially while being pregnant. Although my diagnosis followed a similar pattern to you with the colposcopy, MRI etc. I wasn't pregnant at the time so I'm really not sure what help I can be but I didn't want to read and run. It could be that you have cell changes that they can deal with on a watch and wait basis. I'm afraid anything else cancer related  usually involves some form of treatment so I don't know how that would be dealt with in your situation. Keeping fingers crossed for you that it's not anything that requires immediate treatment.

x Maria

What a lot to take in! The speed of investigations must be a bit alarming,  but on the positive side,  this is the NHS mobilising itself really effectively when you need help. I found at times I attended appointments before I even had time to get the letter about them,  and the system lagged behind my treatment and investigations. If you feel lost or unsure be sure to say so,  and ask for clarification.

Wishing you all the best for Tuesday- do you have someone who can go with you? 

Wishing u all the best, please if u can keep us updated xx

It was stage 3c. I lost my daughter at 20 weeks.