Pregnant and CIN3

Dont know if anyone can help put my mind at ease, im 24 almost 25, i had my first smear in oct '14 and biopsy in nov '14. Was told i was having treatment in jan '15 but only 2weeks ago did i find out its CIN 3, and today done a pregnancy test and it was positive i have my treatment in feb and im all over the place i dont know how to feel or what to do :(.

so worried just need help people telling me different things. x

Hi there - you poor thing. Going through tests and treatments is bad enough without suddenly finding out there's a little baby in there.

I don't believe they will do the LLETZ treatment while you are pregnant, they would wait until after the pregnancy. You should probably call the colposcopy clinic to update them on your situation and let them decide what the next step is. Be remember that its very likely to still be CIN3 by the end of your pregnancy, as abnormal cells grow so slowly. They would then remove the abnormal cells when the baby is safely out.

What a shock to find out you are pregnant though in the middle of this. I hope you have someone close to help you through xx

Ive had friends say my health comes first which yes it does but the last thing on top of all this is having to have an abortion as im so against it an have always wanted a baby. Just so happens its not great timing. 

Thank you ive been panicing the last week because i havent felt normal all week. Just hope it all goes as well as it can andd i can stop stressing xx

Hi hun... I hope what I am about to share helps 

I had my first smear - Oct 13'  I was booked for treatment in Jan 14'  However I paniced and was rebooked for GA in that space of time I found out I was pregnant. 

I had regular check up's just to keep an eye on things I too was CIN3.   My boy is also now 17 week's old! And I am going back to have my abnormal areas removed shortly 


But nothing spread nothing got worse - it just maintained the way it were - I did get told there was a chance my cervix could tear during labour and it could come away - which i was hoping would happen but it did not.  But its not got worse.! So fingers crossed for you too. If they suggest its just CIN3 and your gyne says you will be ok with regular check ups until after birth then I would listen to them.. So get yourself booked in hun and see what they say xx


I did have some pregnancy problems but nothing they could pin it to being this.!   I had alot of bactriel infections on cervix. Which they say is also common in pregnancy. So just classed it as a pain in the bum pregnancy lolx 

Hi shining star, I was in ur position this time last year!! I gad a repeat smear in 2013 due to abnormalities from a previous the letter bk and booked in for a colposcopy due to high grade changes., found out I was pregnant and worried what to do!! 

I called the hospital who advised still to go for appointment. Had the consultant have a nosy down there, confirmed high grade but didn't want to do a biopsy or treatment due to being pregnant....they did however book me in to have a 2nd colposcopy at 26 weeks. I was told that whilst being pregnant the cells do slow down/stop changing & growing. Which put my mind at rest! They told me I'd be having treatment 3 months after the baby was born.

Our little lady is 9 weeks old and I had my LLETZ treatment on Friday, just waiting for results!!

I know it's a horrible time and your mind does get carried away with you but they do know what they're doing and will decided the best plan if action for both u and baby! 

HYou need as little stress as possible so try not to worry and enjoy your pregnancy pregnancy..

If you need tO chat feel free to message :) xxx

Jjust to add, my husband and I were in the frame of mind that if needs be I would save myself over the was a horrible decision to even have to think about, but we did have to think about it and with already having 3 children I knew it would be the right decision...I'm a big believer of everything happens for a reason... Luckily it didn't have to come to anything like that and the team made me feel at ease With the whole situation. Ask how ever many questions you need too to make you feel bebetter, that's what they're there for! :) 



Thank You so much this is helping alot. Just to hear other people in simular situations. 

congratations on your baby boy :) xx

Fingers crossed for your results. I was worried about writting on here never done the forum thing before, its nice to know other people in the same/simular positions as me. 

phoning the hospital in the morning to see if i can see my consultant instead of talking over the phone. Just need my mind at rest and concentrate on the pregnancy x

Hi,  I'm in the same boat.  It feels goo to not be alone, although I'm very sorry you are going through this too!

I'm new to the forum.  I'm 17 weeks pregnant.  I recieved my pap results a couple weeks ago.  HSIL CIN3 and CIS.  I go to see the oncologist next week for a colposcopy and biopsy.  I'm scared out of my mind. From what I was told by my OB, they will not do treatment until after the baby is delivered. I understand when you talk about putting yourself first.  MY husband is a wreck but I have clear explained that I am putting this babies life first for the time being.  I guess I (and you) will be able to make more educated decisions about that statement after we recieve biopsy results. 

My thoughts and prayers will be with you!

I had my biopsy in nov and it took then 6 weeks to tell me everything was ok nothing to worry about, for me to then receive a letter saying it was CIN 3. Ive phoned the hosp but consultant is away until monday. I had a blood test today to find out how far i am. The back to the consultant for their help on what would be best.

Im struggling to feel excited about it because im so scared i will have to have the treatment.

 Hope your biopsy results are ok! X

Just thought i would give a quick update, im now 8weeks and i have got my check up in may to make sure everything is ok. Im still so worried about it. But excited about the pregnancy! Thank you everyone for your support so far! I will update when i know more :) xx