Pregnant after trachalectomy

Hi everyone. ...

Ive just found out im 6weeks pregnant... i never had a stitch put in after my trachalectomy. .. has anyone had this done when pregnant... and what kind of monitoring did  the hospital do.. its all so worrying. .. thanx  everyone xxx

Congratulations :) I think when you go to see you midwife they will refer you to a consultant to habe a stitch put In, good luck in your pregnancy xx

Congratulations! Your lovely news will be giving lots of people hope today! Good luck with your pregnancy, I am sure they will put a plan in place to make sure you are monitored every step x

Amazing news! Well done! Very exciting times ahead...and lots of worrying I know.

I'm 22 weeks pregnant with a TAC put in after trachelectomy.

Your doctors will keep a very close eye on you i'm sure. Call your hospital doctor - whoever does your check ups post trach and let them know asap. I think they will put you in for an early viability scan, then you will be scanned regularly and they might put you on progesterone to support whats left of your cervix.

The early stages are very nerve wracking, but just try as best as you can to enjoy it and stay positive.

I'm writing a blog which you might find helpful.

Any questions, just ask