Pregnant after stillbirth, now have letter saying I have severe dyskaryosis

Hello, I'm Emily and I am almost 5 weeks pregnant with a much wanted and longed for baby after we lost our son to stillbirth at 40 weeks in August. It's been a terrible time and this pregnancy was already going to be an incredibly anxious experience for me. Then this morning I received a letter saying I have high-grade (severe) dyskaryosis. I had my smear done a week ago when I didn't know I was already pregnant. I've never had an abnormal smear and it has floored me. Why now? Have I not been through enough hell already? I've seen a consultant this afternoon and she has booked me for a colopsocy. But not til I am 7 weeks and they have scanned to see if the Pregnancy is viable. So I have two weeks to wait in agony to know more. I'm beside myself with worry. And if they find something then she said they can't do treatment unless it is really really bad because of me being pregnant. The thought of having to spend the next nine months worrying about those cells growing and developing is just awful. I've got enough to worry about with being pregnant after stillbirth as it is.


Does High grade severe mean cin 3? 
has anyone else experienced something similar?

can I really afford to wait 9 months or more to deal with something so severe?


thank you

Hi Emily,

I can't offer too much advise but did not want to not reply. My rainbow baby was born in September 2019 after our daughter died aged 36 hours old in August 2018 i know all too well the feelings that go with a pregnancy after loss. I am so sorry you have found yourself in this situation and am sending you all love and well wishes. Keep strong.

Angela. x

Hi em84

I haven't had an experience like yours but thought you might be interested to take a look at the following link - it includes a story that starts a bit like yours:



Hi Emily,

I know this post is a few years old but I’m in a similar situation that you were in back then and was wondering how everything went for you? Sending love x