Pregnant after Radical Trachelectomy in 2008


I had a radical trachelectomy (RT) in 2008, having been disgnosed with stage 1 cervical cancer. I was lucky, it was caught early and having the RT was the obvious treatment for me as I knew I wanted to try and have a baby in the future.

I am now 21 weeks pregnant but it's not without it's complications and so my question is whether anyone else has had a baby/is pregnant and how did you deal with their pregnanices?

I have been signed off work for the duration as I had an active job. I have also been advised against exercise (apart from walking), swimming and anything strenuous. I am now 41 and am feeling my age for the first time ever! 

I have a lovely consultant but apparently us pregnant RT patients are still quite rare and so there is very little knowledge in the NHS beneath consultant level. Even at consultant level there are no statistics or best practices that we can follow. We just have to take it as it comes and try our best to take it easy and keep baby safe and inside for as long as possible. We are constantly warned about pre-term labour which is scary. Every time I go for a scan the sonographer remarks on how they 'have never seen this before' where I have no cervix left. It's not that reassuring!

ANY advice or reassurance would be so welcome,

Thank you

Hello, I wondered how you are getting on? Did you have to stay in hospital long? My consultant said his standrad procedure is to admit someone at 20 weeks.

How easy did you find it to get pregnant? I am 35 and worrying too late so feel reassured by your story. I hope all is well x