Hi all.

This is mainly a hypothetical question, but if anyone knows some information it would be cool to hear.

So I have gone through all my treatment and have been told i can't get pregnant myself.  BUT, I was wondering, would i still be able to get artificially inseminated with a fertilized egg of my own? 

I do think probably the stenosis of the uterus or some such, as well as pelvic weakness, might be reasons for exclusion but I can't find any info online.

I have read that some women who have naturally gone into menopause can get pregnant through IVF, but maybe there is some other factors to consider in this case.  

I've wondered about this as well, but haven't seen anything about it either. I presume it's highly unlikely though, with all the radiation we had going on in that region, especially since I had extended field radiation.

I'd like to ask a fertility specialist or something to see if there are reasons to exclude women who've had pelvic radiation treatment. 

Unfortunately your uterus has been radiated and therefor there is no.way you could carry a baby. The tissues are no longer capable of stretching and holding a baby.

Thanks Izzy. I was afraid of that. 

I'm sorry. I wish it wasn't the case 

I' a similar situation 

Can I ask if you ladies have had any looking into fertility options. 

I was diagnosed in August 

Stage 3 

Chemo, radiotherapy (extended range as ? Lymph involved) and brachytherapy 

I am.going for first PET Post treatment Thursday. . 

I know I've a long way to go yet but me and my partner lost a bay the year before diagnosed I have a step son who I love dearly but I have longed for a child. Im.all of a.sudden struggling ? with the fact I wont be able to have a child. I keep praying for miricles

Jemma xx