Pregnancy problems after a trachelectomy!

I had a trachelectomy for stage 1b1 Cc and after undergoing ivf successfully managed to have a child.

My friend has also undergone a trachelectomy for stage 1b1 however has complications with cervix/womb closing. She was due to start ivf this week however has now been advise they are unable to dilate the opening without further damage to the womb which would then stop her for carrying anyway. Understandable my friend is very upset and not sure where to go from here.


has anyone had similar experience and are there any other avenues? Has anyone found a successful surrogate? 

Thanks x

Hi I'm new to the site and have been looking for someone to answer some of my questions. I had a radical trachelectomy in 2009 and have been trying to conceive ever since. I've just been accepted for IVF and I am going for my first appointment next week. After reading some of the forums I have read that it can be quite hard to collect the eggs with a stitch in place. How did you find the whole process of IVF? It would be nice to hear your experience since you have been through it all. 

Monkeyface, although ive not had a trach, i am now (unfortunately) quite familiar with the ivf world. If i can help with any questions please ask. 

Dawn- im sorry to hear about your friend, where is she being treated? Theres a huge difference in clinics and their specialisms.. Worth a second opinion elsewhere? 



Hi guys,

i have written a few blogs on here after my treatment and experiences with ivf after trachelectomy and cervical stenosis; maybe a transmyometrial egg transfer would be viable for yourself, this is explained in my posts, hope they help xxxx