Pregnancy or treatment?

Any comments anyone could give me on this would be greatly appreciated. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in September (adenocarcinoma stage 1b). I had a radical trachelectomy and am recovering fine. The surgery was 9 hours long as it turns out the cancer had spread since my MRI scan. I had a lot of cervix taken away leaving me with margins of 2mm and 6mm. I also had my lymph nodes removed but they were clear. I've been in to see my surgeon this week and he'd like me to have more treatment just to be on the safe side (chemo & radiotherapy). He says as my margins are so small there is a chance the cancer could have got through and it could be so small it wouldn't show up on a scan. To add to the complication I am currently 9-10 weeks pregnant. My surgeon told me that I would more than likely miscarry after the operation but to date I haven't (its been 3 weeks now). I was hopeful that this would be my miracle baby. I'm 31 and me and my husband were trying for a baby just before all of this. My surgeon has advised me to terminate the pregnancy and have chemo & radiotherapy, however, if I go down this route it will ruin my chances of ever having my own children. My surgeon said I could hold off having treatment until after the pregnancy but it wouldn't be safe. I'm just wondering whether anyone else has been through something similar? I've read that a lot of people have gone on to have children after a radical trachelectomy but has any pregnancy been successful with margins as small as mine? I know my health is the most important thing in all of this but it absolutely breaks my heart to think I won't be able to have my own children. My family feel very strongly about me having treatment but I'm not sure whether its worth taking the risk and giving this pregnancy a go and having treatment afterwards.

Hi ljjones

i am very sorry you are facing such circumstances. There is no one anywhere that can tell you what you should do in this situation as it will have to be you alone that will decide in the end. 

I think I would firstly get a second opinion from another dr to discuss your risks. 

however, I will say some things for you to concider. 

1.the extra estrogen in your body during pregnancy can contribute to faster cell growth of the cancer

2. If you decide to go ahead with the pregnancy is there some kind of treatment that you can undergo during your pregnancy to stop it from spreading more(some women have had chemo during pregnancy and have gone on after to have treatment of radio) 

3. If you do miscarry (hope not) ask about freezing your eggs so you can go on to have further babies via surrogacy 

4.if the reason you had a trach in the first place was to be able to have a baby then this is your last chance so are you willing to give that up. 

These are things I would think about. 

I do support whatever decision you make and I am sending you good vibes. Let us all know what you have decided. All the best.  

Hi, and do they have an option to cut more and do TAC to help save pregnancy?


i had 2mm after first operation on one side and they cut more with a 2nd op

PS it's true that 2mm margin has a high recurrence risk, but uf possible to do with surgery and "save" other options for the moment if something goes wrong - that would be great