Pregnancy flying post Cin3 and server cgn

Hi all, I've posted a few Times and you have always found this forum so helpful.

My back ground is December 2014 I had an abnormal smear, had treatment two

Week later with biopsy, not sure if this was llets or cone biopsy (not sure on

Thedifference). My results were cin3 and server cgn changes.

I had my follow up last weekans pregnancy was mentioned that I'd

Have to be closely monitored and at risk of pre term birth ormiscarriage.

(I have done another post on this).

Here's the thing me and other half would like to try for a baby soon, I

Think everything that's happened has made us want to try sooner rather

Then later as long as repeat colopscopy is clear.

We would wait until the new year so that I'm a year post treatment as read

I should be healed by then.

However we have a holiday mid June for a friend's wedding, and had been

Planng another holiday mid July. 

What I'd like to know is what are the risk of having incompetent cervix

Post treatment especially for cgn changes.

Has anyone had this treatment and had a nornal pregnancy.

As soon as my results are through I will make an appointment with gp

To discuss this, but just wondering if anyone's been in thisposition.


Hi Emz

Can't comment from personal experience, but one of my friends had a cone biopsy years ago, and went on to have 2 beautiful, healthy children. No problems at all with the pregnancy. I think they have to warn you as premature delivery can be a risk, but that by no means means it'll be a problem for everyone who has the treatment.

They even warned me, and I am 44 so rather past the age where I would be thinking about kids!

Good luck and hope all goes as you wish