Pregnancy and colp

I have a colposcopy scheduled for August 15th…but just barely tested pasitive for pregnancy. Will they still do a colposcopy?

Hi @Bigalsgal22

They may still do the colposcopy as it is just a magnified look at the cervix, but they may be reluctang to take biopsies if its needed… it would be best to call the clinic and speak with them directly xx

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I did call them today. They said they will do the exam. If biospies need to be doje they can fo that after pregnancy but they would like to look at it to see what or if there is anything. High risk HPV for 2 years now but always normal cells.

They told me i can still have a colposcopy but they provably will not take a biopsy. They want to just look and make sure they are not missing anything. And then go from there…if they do find somethijg concerning they will watch it and we can work on it after the baby is born. I’m so excited about this pregnancy but in the back of my mind i keep worrying that they willfind something concerning