Pregnancy after trachelectomy

Hi ladies,

I thought I'd share my pregnancy with those of you who are interested. It may be a bit of a ramble but I've tried to included things that you might be wondering about. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask (no matter how gory, I'm not bothered!)

I'm 29 and was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in November 2012 and had a Radical Trachelectomy in December 2012. I'm now 15 weeks pregnant with our first baby :)


Even though my preiods weren't exactly regular, we managed to concieve straight away. So far, everything has gone well. We had an early scan because of some spotting at 7 weeks and then another at 9 weeks with my Obstetrician. We've had the normal dating scan but seen at the Premature Prevention Clinic on the same day (vaginal swab, wee test and a quick chat with consultant).

On top of the usual midiwfe appointments, I'm going back to Prem Prevention Clinic at week 16 (next week) where they're going to do a transvagianl scan to have a look at where my cervix should be.  I think I'll be in that clinic every 2-3 weeks. The plan is to start me on progesterone as well at 16 weeks to increase musuc production from any cervical cells that might be there. 

Symptom wise, I've been very lucky and my body is doing everything the books say exactly when they say it'll happen! So my body seems to be handling being pregnant pretty well so far.


My biggest concerns (having spoken to my consultant) are the risk of infection enetering the uterus causing premature labour becuase there is no muscus plug (or oven door as I find a more socially acceptable way to describe it!), so I've stopped swimming for the duration. My other concern is what happens at 28 weeks when the cervix normally stretches to become the lower part of the uterus but there's nothing we can do about that apart from sit and wait.


My husband is obviously worried about how it will go, and some of that is normal first dad worries, I think. But, although I'm scared this bump won't make it into the world, fretting over it isn't going to help. My way of channelling that worry is to enjoy every day of my pregnancy and remember how lucky I am to even have the opportunity to get this far (which was easier said than done in the first trimester!).


I'll keep posting back on here to keep you updated about how it's going. Please feel free to ask questions in the meantime.



Hi Kate

It's fantastic news that you have been able to get pregnant and I wish you every success with it.  I also had a trachelectomy, got preganant and successfully delievered a baby girl.  She is almost 4 now.  You sound like you are handling it all wonderfully.  It can be a tense time for obvious reasons but you will have lots of medical support and supervision in your circumstances.

Please feel free to pm me if there is anything at all that you would like to ask about how it was for me.

All the best





Hi td,

That's really reassuring to hear about your little girl and thanks for the offer of support. Can I ask when she was delivered i.e. how many weeks? I'm due to have a c-section at 37 weeks but there's always the risk of premature labour before then. Did you manage to last the duration that was intended?






Thought it was time to give those of you who are interested an update.

I'm now 20 weeks and 4 days. The 20 weeks scan went well, everything measuring within normal ranges. I can feel baby kicing good and strong now.

Something quite incredible has happened with the cervical area. Since i last posted I've had 2 transvaginval scans to have a look at what's been left behind and how it's behaving. The first scan at 16 weeks showed 15mm of what looked like cervical tissue remaining. If you'd have told me that after my trachelectomy I would have totally freaked out but now I love it that there's a tiny bit left. My consultant started me on Cyclogest, which is a progesterone suppository, in the hope that any remaining cervical cells would produce more mucus (and make a stronger oven door, as I explain to the male folk). Then, at 19 weeks, the scan showed the area that looked like cervical tissue had grown to 20mm! She's happy that it doesn't look sinister and I'm seeing my oncology consultant next week so he can double check it doesn't look sinister.


So, so far things are looking very much like a "normal" pregnancy. I'm quite aware that the riskier bits are just around the corner, but I've managed to keep it healthy so far. In my mind, I just have to keep it safe to 28 weeks as the vast majority of babies born that early turn out to be perfectly healthy, even if they need a bit of support in the early days. If I manage to keep it safe inside me for longer than that, I'm counting it as bonus time. So less than 8 week untill we're on bonus time! :-D


Hope that's helpful for people to read. Again, please feel free to ask any questions either private message or in the conversation.

Can anybody with a success story tell me what cc they were treated with RT for? I was supposed to have a RH 2 weeks ago but due to my perseverence and insisting on a second opinion I was given extra tests in London (state of the art internal MRI and hystoscopy, cystoscopy and sigmoidoscopy). I originally had large knife cone for treatment of Aredenocarcinoma stage 1B1 but was told unclear margins. Thats why they told me RH was only option. Since going to London I have been approved for RT due on 5th dec. thank god I didn't listen to the previous doctors!!!!! I am concerned that it will not work so good as it is Aredenocarcinoma not squamous cell. Can anyone share?? X thank you X

Hi Naomi J

I had stage 1b cervical cancer diagnosed in November 2012 and had my radical trachelectomy in December 2012. All tests/ scans since have been clear so far. I can't remember what the name of the cells involved was but it was definitely the less aggressive type. It turned out after the operation that they had actually got all of the tumour in the biopsy but hadn't realised because they couldn't see clear margins.


I know this reply is a bit late for you before the operation but I hope its helpful in some way. Hope the operation went well.


Happy Christmas to you all!

I'm writing this latest update to you all while baby is wriggling around in my tummy :-) Tomorrow I will be 30 weeks pregnant. I can't believe how smoothly it's gone so far. I've not only managed to hold onto this bang until it's viable but it's actually a decent size now and is highly likely to turn into a healthy adult if it comes out right now. Just think, 2 weeks of "bonus time " already. And it's only no more than 7 weeks until we meet face to face, me and our baby.


I'm so glad that writing this has been helpful to some of you. It's been really nice to hear from you. I hope you all have a good year and are able to overcome your own challenges.


I'll be back to keep you updated... Maybe not until I finish work in 3 weeks and I have a bit more time on my hands though! 



Hi Kate,

Just wanted to wish you all the best with your pregnancy, it's lovely to read some good news - I had the same op back in 2010 but have not yet managed to conceive, so seeing a fertility specialist next month. Fingers crossed!



hi Kate

brilliant news, just want to wish you all the best for the remaining time of the pregnancy xxx

Hi ladies I had a radical trachelectomy Jan 2012 for stage 1b1. I have been trying 2 get pregnant now for 8 months and so far I have been unsuccessful.  I currently have a 4 year old who was concieved with no problem so would really like to have another as now I feel the time is right. My Gp won't refer me to a fertility specialist until I've been trying for 12 months. Does anyone have any advice or stories they can share plz 

Hi Amy I am in a similar situation. My Gp won't refer me until I've been trying for 12 months. Wish u all the best x

Hi Amy,

I've only just joined this forum and seen your message. I had a radical trachelectomy in April 2009. My husband and I started trying for a baby about 4 and half years ago. We had no success, after a year of trying we were referred to a specialist who did more tests and eventually we started IVF. From my experience and the comments I have had from specialists is that most people do struggle to conceive after our proceedure. The main problem being there is no cervix to direct the sperm and often there is a lot of scar tissue which prevents the sperm from getting through. I had 3 rounds of IVF and on my 3rd try we were very lcuky to get a positive result, I am now 29 weeks pregnant and monitored regularly. Whilst having IVF when it came to implanting the embryo my consultant really struggled becuase there was so much scar tissue and this was why they felt the first 2 attempts failed, on the 3rd implant I was under general anaesethetic so it was a much calmer process. I do wish you lots of luck but I do wish the medical profession would recognise that it is common for people who have had the same proceedure as us to conceive so should bypass the 12 months of trying before referring. It's a very long drawn out process.

I had RT in 2011. No luck since then. I'm having IVF at the momen. 2 rounds unsuccessful. Both embryo transfers under GA by needle as they can't find the opening. 3rd try will be April/May. 

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know our baby son was born 2 weeks ago today. He was born at 34+5 weighing a healthy 6lb 2oz. He had a few days on the neonatal unit and we started in hospital for a week until he was strong enough to get all his feed from me.

I'm glad writing this has been helpful and gives you a glimmer of hope. Good luck to you all. Xxx

Hi Kate

what lovely news. Congratulations!

Enjoy every moment


Amazing news :-) I'm sure this post will give a lot of ladies hope for their future. Wishing you and your family all the best and well done for kicking cancer's horrible ass!! Lucy x

Congratulations Kate! Enjoy every moment!

Fantastic news Kate! Gives the rest of us some hope x

Hi Lou,


Thanks for the message, I've only just seen it. I'm hoping that IVF will be the answer for us also but it's such a long process! I had some tests done last year, now waiting on another scan to check tubes etc which should have been this week but no appointments to wait another month now for the right time to do the scan. So disappointing. All the while in the back of my mind I am hoping we can manage to have a child before anything else goes wrong for us. Am so glad it worked for you, keep me updated with your progress. Good luck!


Amy xxx

Hello kateleephysio. 

Congrats on your baby!  That is so exciting and gives me sooo much hope as I had a radical trachelecomy is April 2012 and I am now 12 weeks pregnant.  The statics our high risk OBGYN gave us, weren't amazing, but they weren't horrible.  You did have am abdonminal cerclage put in correct?  Do you know how many cm your cervix measured?  Also, was there anything specific they did for you during your pregnancy.  They have me taking 1 baby aspirin/ daily, I am currently doing the daily progesterone shots and will start doing weekly ones in two weeks.  Thank you for your posts!  It gives me soooo much hope.