Pregnancy after pelvic radiotherapy


Just wondering if anyone is in my situation and can give any advice or insight. I feel slightly silly for even asking this but can I get pregnant after having pelvic radiotherapy? I have been told definitely not by some health professionals, yes by a consultant and have read some medical journals which appear to say yes but it is risky. I'm wondering if there is anyone or any cases where someone has fallen pregnant after having the treatment that I have had. 

I was diagnosed with stage 1B1 cervical cancer and had a trachelectomy and lymph nodes removed. Out of 11 one came back with a microscopic spec of aggressive cancer in it which hadn't shown up on an MRI. I had 4 rounds of chemotherapy and 30 sessions of radiotherapy. I managed to haggle the gy dosage down as had read that if it was above a certain amount then it would have caused too much damage. I also had my ovaries transposed and went into initial menopause but thankfully it only lasted 4 months and they are now fully functional. I gave birth to my little boy about 6 weeks before getting my stage of cancer confirmed. I'm desperate for him to not be an only child and cannot afford surrogacy (I hear it's around £20 k?!). Does anybody know anything?! Is anyone in the same boat? Any thoughts and opinions would be massively appreciated. 





I am in the same situation as you. Did you have any luck? I know there are so cancer organizations that will help pa for surroGary etc. Did you have any luck?




Hi I' a simular situation diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 3. Ive had chemo radiotherapy and brachytherapy 

I've been told unlikely able to carry a child. . But have heard couple of miracle stories. I dont have children I wish I hadn't left it so late. 

But I am grateful i am.still here and waiting my first set of scans to see how treatment went. 

I am being positive and praying that maybe a couple of.miricles may happen down the line xx