Pregnancy after loop

Hello Ladies
I am driving myself mad thinking about this.
I had colposcopy and loop on 26th October and the results came back 3 weeks later as cin3 & high grade cgin. The letter says this treatment has removed all abnormalities and I will have a check up in 6 months time. There was a leaflet enclosed about cgin saying that if I had completed my family they would offer me a hysterectomy but if not I would need to be monitored closely.
I haven’t got any children but me & hubby want to start trying asap.
My question is … Has any of you lovely ladies fell pregnant a couple of months after loop? If so what happened when it was time for your 6 month check up?
I’ve seen a few posts on here regarding cgin and the ladies have been told to have a family sooner rather than later. I haven’t been told anything regarding when I can start trying etc.