Pregnancy after LLETZ


Hope this is the right section to post this.

In November last year I had LLETZ to treat CIN 3. Quite a large amount was removed I’m told. I then went back in March this year for a follow up and the consultant said it looked like not all the affected cells had been removed so she took another biopsy. The results from that stated there was still high risk HPV and CIN 1 but they would not do any further treatment. I’m now due back in a year’s time for a check up.

Thing is, I am planning to try and get pregnant at the end of this year. We already have a 2 year old and that pregnancy was fine. Is it wise for me to try for another baby at this point? What if they find in my year check up that the CIN has gotten worse? They won’t be able to do treatment if I’m pregnant will they?

Any advice would be great! I’m desperate for another baby but don’t want to cause further problems if there was a possibility of it happening.



Hi Kristin,

Sorry I don't have any advice or experience to offer - I'm in a similar boat and wondering the same thing, so I'm lurking around for other replies. However, it is my understanding that doctors will usually prefer to wait until after a baby is born before treating a patient for CIN, especially if it involves excisional methods such as cone biopsy or LLETZ. I've also heard that sometimes they're even a bit hesitant to perform a smear during pregnancy, but I could be wrong about this. 

Are you due back for colposcopy in 12 months' time, or another smear?

You need to speak to your GP but I would try to get pregnant now rather than waiting. If you have CIN1 and they're sitting on it to see if it gets worse rather than treating it it doesn't sound like they're too worried and fingers crossed it will be okay.

The problem is, if they removed a large part of your cervix already you really don't want to wait for them to do more treatment and make it even shorter, as your chances of preterm delivery will be increased. You'll be under the care of a consutant in pregnancy because of your LLETZ and will have a cervical length scan and possibly a suture in pregnacy. 

I'm not 100% sure that this is the right advice, but it makes sense in my head! I had a LLETZ a year ago and have since been told that my cervix is very short. I'm in no way ready to have kids yet, but I think if my next smear is abnormal I'm going to start trying for a baby before they need to do more treatment.

Thank you for your replies and advice. I am due back in a year for a smear/colposcopy - no treatment planned. I spoke to my gp and they said they will contact the colposcopy unit again to see if more treatment is likely. And I was advised to hold off on trying until I get the answer. Fingers crossed! 

Kristin88 have you heard anything from your doctor? I Just found out today that I am 5 weeks pregnant and I have  surgery scheduled on Friday September, 15, 2017 for a hysterectomy!! I have 3 girls already and I have already had the cold knife cone biopsy and Adencarcinoma stage 1 was confirmed. The doctor told me weeks ago that if I wanted to have another baby they would take the lymphnodes now, have a baby, then do a hysterectomy.  Well I don't have the chance to do that. I'm trying to decide if I should continue the pregnancy and risk the cancer spreading over the next 9 months or just going through with the surgery Friday. Before the diagnosis I wasn't sure if I wanted another baby, but now that I know I couldn't after this and this could be my boy I'm confused. Advice?


I have CIN 1 and they are giving me a radical hysterectomy. I'm assuming they are not doing any further treatment because next step is probably a hysterectomy and since you want more kids they want you to do that first. Did you ask them about having a baby this year? I'm surprised they are having you check back in a year, rather than 6 months. What you habe must not be too bad if they are not doing further treatment and are waiting a year. If I were you personally I would get pregnant now, so that by the time you go back at least you wouldn't habe too much longer before you deliver.  I would make an appointment with your dr and ask them to check you out now. Tell them you want to get pregnant and you want to make sure it hasn't spread any further since March. See if it's wise for you to have a baby. If they say you can you should definitely get started right away so it doesmt spread. They won't treat while pregnant. 

I found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant this morning and I'm supposed to have surgery in 3 days. I wasn't planning on more kids but now that I am I want to keep it though it's not a great time now. I'm concerned about it spreading and that I may need chemo after the baby. Should I risk it and wait the 9 months with a possibility of spreading or just have the surgery in 2 days to be safe?? I need advice please.