Pregnancy after Lletz for CIN 3


I am currently 12 weeks pregnant. I had lletz for cin 3 in 2014, and the consultant advised they may need to stitch me once pregnant due to large amount taken.
I mentioned this to my midwife and she is very laid back as I have only had one lletz session, but the consultant did take quite a large amount.

I have my first scan on Tuesday and have been told to mention it then, so I am hoping the sonographer has a clue what I am talking about as nobody seems to think it is an issue or really know much about lletz and pregnancy when iI bring it up.

I guess I am just wondering about peoples experience of pregnancy following lletz (especially for cin 3 but would love to know some stories about other stages).

Did you need a stitch? Did you have any issues? Were you able to dilate etc?

My pregnancy is meant to be consultant led, but I wont see him until 20 weeks.