Pregnancy after cryotherapy?

Let me start by saying it’s so reassuring to see how supportive everyone on here is, and I feel better in knowing I am not alone.

I’m 27 years old - A few months ago I had my first abnormal pap smear. I had to go in for a follow up appointment which included a colposcopy and biopsy. My results came back as CIN 2/3 (high grade cell changes) today. I have a follow up appointment scheduled to discuss my treatment options.

I am very worried about the potential risks/side affects of the treatment procedures as it seems some of them come with pregnancy  complications and trouble getting pregnant. 

I’m still young and haven’t had kids yet, but I definitely want to have kids in the next few years. I don’t want to have to worry about infertility or pregnancy complications from this.

Has anyone had the cervical cryotherapy procedure and had children after? Did you have trouble getting pregnant, or any pregnancy complications as a result of the procedure? 

I am in the same boat trying to figure out if I should do it but doctor said I should have no issues with pregnancy. I am only 25. She want to do cryo instead of others cause it’s less invasive 

I had 2 cone biopsies within 6 months to treat CIN3, plus laser treatment for VAIN3.  My doctor knew that I wanted to get pregnant, so as soon as my first smear came back negative she told me to go for it.  I am now 20 weeks pregnant (I was very very lucky that I didn't have any fertility issues, even though I'm an old lady at 38!).  Their biggest concern is watching my cervix to make sure it stays long enough and closed.  Yesterday I had my 20 week scan and so far, so good.  The doctor did say that I am more high risk given my age and the prior cones, but they are doing a good job of keeping an eye on it so far.  I'm still worried when I really start to think about it, but for now all we can do is wait and see.

So, in sum, I think its important to get everything treated and do the best you can to get a clean slate for when you are ready to get pregnant.  So far I've been very lucky and have had no major issues, so it is definitely possible to have treatment and then get pregnant.  Good luck to the both of you, I am sending good vibes your way!!!

After my cryosurgery I went on to have 3 beautiful children. I had no trouble getting pregnant and I had no complications with my pregnancies.  The only trouble I ran into was during my labor with my first child. After 17 hours of labor I only dilated 2.5 cm so I had to deliver via c-section. My other 2 were delivered via c-section as well but that was my choice not to try a vaginal delivery again.

I'm now a medical assistant in an OBGYN office (over 5 years now) now and I've learned that my arrest of dilation could have  been caused by scar tissue from the cryosurgery. Please don't be alarmed...this does not mean that the same will happen to you. Every women's body is different and my cryosurgery may have involved more areas of abnormalities as well. 

Best of luck to you all!

May I ask what you chose to do?

im in the same boat. I want children, was diagnosed with high-risk HPV, with HSIL. My colop Came back with CIN 2/3. And I'm trying to figure out what to do. I'm 35, female and this is the first abnormal Pap I've ever had let alone the new diagnosis of HPV.