Pregnancy After Cone Biopsy - success stories welcome!

Afternoon all, I was hoping for some reassuring success stories from women with a similar diagnosis/treatment plan to my own who went on to have healthy babies... Was it difficult to get pregnant? How long did it take? Did you need IVF? I'd also be interested to know what the recommended timeline is from 'all clear' to 'trying for a baby'... Ideally I wanted to wait until 2014 but should I avoid putting it off incase it comes back? Or should I live life as normal and not let the C word dictate my little plan... As you can see I'm full of questions and hoping one of you wonderful women might have some answers. Peace and good health to all xxxx

Hi leamaw

I’ve recently had a cone biopsy & lymph node removal and am waiting on results. If my results are clear, I’ll be in a similar position to you and will be considering trying to conceive.

I’m sorry I can’t provide help or experience on this, but I will be keen to hear from others too.

The only thing I heard/read is that any pregnancy may be heavily monitored & that labour may happen prematurely due to the weakened cervix. In terms of conceiving, it’s my understanding that the ony problem may occur if the cervix closes up after the surgery - however if you are having periods the cervix must be open to allow the ‘period’ to pass out, so sperm should be able to travel up too…

Sorry I can’t offer personal experience, but I too would love to hear from anyone who has.

Lisa x x

Hi in July last year I was diagnosed with stage 1b1 CC adenocarcinoma (I can never spell it properly!!). I had surgery in September 2011 (a second LLETZ and key hole lymph node removal) and was told to wait 6 months before trying to conceive. After I was given a clear smear in Feb my consultant said he was please I still had a good length of cervics which had been a quite long to start with!!! In May I had another check with a new consultant, she asked if I had been trying and when I said no she gave me a bit of a telling off basically saying get on with it!!

After two months I conceived naturally without any problems. I am now 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant and touch wood iv had no problems. I am high risk so I am monitored very closely, I was given a scan at 6, 9, 12 and 16 weeks and continue to be monitored every 4 weeks. I was given my first cervical length scan at 12 weeks which showed 3.01cm, yesterday I had another which showed 2.99cm. The consultant is happy for me to continue without a stitch unless my cervics shortens to less than 2cm.

The only thing I wasn’t expecting was one you get pregnant my cancer consultant will not examine or give me a smear. I am a bit nervous that the CC isn’t being monitored while I am pregnant but just got to stay positive and hope that I remain in remission. If you have any questions feel free to PM me x

Hi lovely ladies…

I just realised we all have very similar diagnosis! So firstly, cheers to us for all being so lucky with the early staging :slight_smile:

I’m waiting on some MRI results at the moment and then have my 6 month checkup on November 1st… all being well with both, I might think about trying - but at the same time, wonder if waiting for 2 years all clear might be the wiser choice… it’s so hard isn’t it?!

Hope your pregnancy goes well Toca - I have everything crossed and Lisa, sending well wishes your way

L xx

I have to be honest I have wondered if I should have waited two years because if it came back and I had a wee tiny baby I would feel so guilty. I think you’ve just got to weigh it up and go with what you feel.

Did you both get MRI’s after your surgery? I got one before my surgery which was clear but not had once since but saw quite a few people mention they had one three months after treatment!!x

I had one after surgery and just had a follow up one last week. To be honest I’m worried about mine (I posted with the title MRI - WORRIED) as they zoomed in on a mass in my abdomen (didn’t scan that last time) and waiting to hear… Fingers crossed!!

I don’t think you did the wrong thing not waiting lovely, like you said, it’s a difficult decision and only you can know… x

Hi girls,

Sorry for the delay in responding, I’m am iPad user and the new site wasn’t immediately compatible.

So, I go the all clear! I’m now in your gang! :wink: My consultant told me I could attempt to conceive after 6 months, he mentioned they used to say 2 years, but that seemed a bit extreme now. He also said the chance of reoccurrence was incredibly low (3%). Like Toca described, Any future pregnancy would’ve heavily monitored, and the length of the cervix checked to ensure the baby could be carried safely to term, otherwise a supporting stitch would be required. He also mentioned that there is a risk of early birth (not dangerously early) and of a statistically smaller baby (again, not worryingly so).
He was very positive and was basically saying I should be fine to start trying, but just needed a six month break to allow everything to fully heal and scar tissue to stop growing etc.

Toca - Re MRIs after the all clear, I’ve been told I’ll have on in 6 months and again in 18 months. Aside from that I’m having 4 monthly smears, but they’ll be more ‘in depth’ than a normal smear (due to type/location of cancer I had).

Leamaw - did in get results re your MRI and what they saw? Hope it was simply scar tissue. Let em know how you are.

Other cone ladies - please share your pregnancy stories!

Lisa x x x


Thanks for sharing the info it is really useful and reassuring especially for me just now. I also had andenomcarcinoma stage 1b1 and they only smear me every six month but examine me in between so I get a check every three months. Did your dr say anything about how they will monitor your CC through pregnancy? I am not getting checked just now by my oncologist but monitored closely by the maternity unit x

Hi Toca,

No, he didn’t mention how/if cc would be checked for during pregnancy, I didn’t think to ask that! I don’t think they do smears if you’re pregnant, do they? Really hadn’t thought of this, however if I were you I wouldn’t worry about that, just concentrate on a healthy, happy pregnancy! Of course ask your consultant (would be keen to hear what s/he says), but try not to worry.

Lisa x x

Hi Lisa the consultant says there are no tests that can be done safely while I'm pregnant so she won't see me at all while I'm pregnant! The last time I saw the consultant I was 9 weeks pregnant and at that appointment she didn't do any examination. I will not see my consultant again until two months after the baby is born. The consultant said if I had a reocurrance while pregnant I would bleed so my maternity consultant could contact get if that happened!! Wish there was still a check they could do for peace of mind but they are say there isn't so just need to be positive and wait and see x

I wanted to tell you that after one cone biopsy and lymph node removal for 1b adenocarcinoma I had baby to full term with vaginal stitch. Another cone biospsy later, I had an elective abdominal stitch and another baby delivered by c section planned at 37 weeks. I also had a colposcopy done during my first pregnancy. I have the stitch taken out during the second delivery. I know a lot about this - feel free to PM me.

Wow Ali you’ve been through a lot! Thanks for the info and offer to share, I may well give you a shout in a few months when I’m in a position to decide if we want to try & conceive.

Congrats on bringing two babies into the world despite your cancer and treatment! We don’t hear enough of these stories and when I got my cancer diagnosis I honestly thought that I’d never be able to have a child.

X x x

Hi, I have had 2 cone biopsies and lymph node removal. I have just been advised that I will need an elective abdominal stitch before getting pregnant due to the length of my cervix. Could you please advise where you had your operation for the elective abdominal stitch?
Thanks Claire

Hi ladies just thought I would drop by and see how you are getting on? I am 28 weeks pregnant at the moment with all going well so far so fingers crossed that will continue Mx

Hi Toca, glad to hear it's going well for you, I really think you're getting your happy ever after, I'm so pleased!

I've got my first (6 month) check-up in March and that's when I'll undestand if conceiving is still an option for me, all being well it will be, and then I guess we have the decision of a lifetimne to make!

As we can't bear any further heartache, my husband recently had his sperm tested to check that he's got the goods - would hate to find out I'm ok to try & conceieve & it then not happen as he can't. I guess this is just a way for us to take control of the situation, get all the facts, and prepare/protect oursleves for what may happen. He did it yesterday so we should know in a couple of days.

I hope you're all well. Spread the word to all your friends during cervical cancer awareness week!

Lisa x

Hi everyone

I have been searching and searching online for anyone with a similar experience to me, I just wondered if any of you that had the cervical stitch, if it brought on labour when it was removed?

I had my cancer diagnosis after I found out I was pregnant, I have had 3 colposcopies, a wedge biopsy and a cone biopsy all in the last few months (while pregnant!), the cervical stitch was put in during the same surgery as my cone biopsy in order to reduce the risk of a major bleed and miscarriage during the surgery.



Cat xx

Wow Cat! How much to go through when pregnant too! How are you? Is the cancer removed?


I think a couple of the ladies in this thread have had stitches, try sending them a personal message. I'm sorry I can't help as I am not in that situation.

You should have a nurse or doctor who can answer your questions too. Write them all down before your next visit so that you don't foget anything. It must be an overwhelming situation for you.

Best of luck to you. Stay well.

Lisagp x x