Pregnancy after 1st LLETZ

Hi everyone, I hope you guys are well? 

I had my first LLETZ procedure after my son was born. At the time, the consultant explained about the risks of premature births after the procedure. 

My questions are: 

Has anyone been in the situation & made it to term? I have read on the cancer research website ‘low risk’ but I have read a lot of cases where many women are not going to term. 

Is a stitch in the cervix the only thing that will help? 

Sorry, I have so many questions 


hey hope youre okay. Ive been researching similar things and from what i can tell, they will scan you to check the length of your cervix and you only require a stitch if it is shorted than 25mm. 

Ive also read quite a few stories of ladies making it to term and even overdue. 

i hope this helps.

good luck concieving :)