Precancerous cells

Hello everyone!! I'm new to this site and I've been extremely depressed since learning that I have CIN 3 precancerous cells. I went nine years with normal pap smears and after my third child I was bleeding constantly. I went in to the doctor she did an pap and it came back abnormal. I had a colpo and the results were CIN 3. I freaked out because I sure thought I was going to die soon. She assured me that it wasn't cancer just lesions. I had a LEEP and six months later I had my first pap. I'm awaiting the results. I switched doctors because of my insurance and this doctor said that if she had my records from my previous doctor she wouldn't have done a pap (lucky me). I guess what I'm asking is does having CIN 3 mean an automatic death sentence? I've been reading this and that on the internet (I know I shouldn't but I'm scared of dying young and leaving my kids behind). I would love to hear your stories. Thank you.

Hi there

Don't panic! Your situation means the exact opposite of what you fear. The fact that they just booked you for a 6 month PAP smear means that they got the CIN3 cells out when they did the LEEP, that they had enough clear margin around the bad cells to be happy with the way the procedure had gone, and that they didnt find anything sinister when they analysed the bit they took away during the LEEP.

Sure, CIN3 can progress to cancer if it's left untreated, but yours has been treated, so is unlikely to be a problem. In  some few cases people still have some abnormal cells when they go for their 6 month check up, but I think I read somewhere that in about 90% of cases the LEEP treatment will sort it out once and for all.

CIN3 is not cancer, it's pre-cancerous changes. It wouldn't do anything to you unless it developed into cancer, which is why they do the LEEP, to stop it ever getting to the point where it can do that.

Try not to worry, it sounds like your treatment went well :-)

I just got my results today, also all went well and I only have to go for the same 6 month check that you are about to have, so we'll celebrating tonight!!


It might be a good idea to maybe get your gp to go through everything with you so you have a really clear understanding of what cin is and what it means etc. It most certainly is not a death sentence by any means. Like Elise said, the precancerous cells have been treated therefore everything is fine. Even cervical cancer isn't an automatic death sentence and in the majority of cases will be completely cured. Even if you had another abnormal result it would just be treated with the same process you've already had. If I were you, I'd be cracking open a bottle of champagne and celebrating that you have no more abnormal cells and you were able to get it sorted :). Xxx

Absolutely... Go celebrate in style. The wonder that is a Pap smear means that as in your case they can detect the pre cancer cells and take them out before they potentially turn cancerous. As they've now taken the abnormal cells out - sounds like you're in good health. Agree with above if it's something you're unsure of have a chat with your GP... Sometimes the internet can be unnecessarily scary.

Best Wishes x


Thank you everyone for your replies. I talked to my doctor yeaterday and I feel a little better. The only downside is my pap came back abnormal. I have to go in for another colpo and possibly another LEEP. I'm also having abnormal bleeding. I'm trying to put on a happy face but it's a little hard to do sometimes.

Great that you have had a chat with your GP.

keep chatting when things are on your mind, going to / from appointments can play on your mind but it's always good to talk it through. You'll have ups and downs but be confident in knowing that they are monitoring your abnormal changes and can treat these changes if needed with very positive effect.

Big hug, X


Hi. I had same problems and my obgyn recommended me treatment with Cervugid Ovules. 

After I followed this treatment have been rescheduled for further tests came out good.

I am very happy that I followed the advice of the doctor and escaped without surgery.