Pre-treatment worries

Really worried about the radiation and chemotherapy treatment after finding out all about it over my last couple of appointments, didn't realise there was so many side effects and how you can be affected in the future, I'm terrified now. 


They have to list all side effects to you just the way they do on the lesflet that accompanies your paracetamol tablets. Yes, there will be tiredness, you may get some of the side effects but you will be given  anti sickness tablets and you will have  a team looking after you and when/if you have some issues they will be able to help/advise.

Treatment is doable. I personally did not change my diet but drank a lot more water, cranberry light, herbal drinks which they recommend anyway. 

listen to your body, on good days it will tell you t can cope with an outing to the shops, on a grey day it will tell you I just want to slerp/rest in front of the TV.

Whoever would offer to help me I accepted gladly their help, whoever offered to come with me to chemo I accepted gladly. 

I also felt a lot calmer when I started treatment.

Best wishes,



Hi Mel,

like you I am due to start chemorad in the next few weeks and I had the same fears.  i was also given the same advice by Tivoli as Naz has written - there are so many wise women on here! All medical treatments have possible side effects (even aspirin!) which often we don't even think about and the dr's have to tell us what they are so we can make informed decisions about our bodies.  It does not mean that we will experience them all or that all will be permanent but for me, if it means getting rid of this cancer and being able to go back to something even close to my life before it is worth it. I also remind myself that if the risks were so great as to outweight the benefit, they wouldnt offer this as treatment.

have you spoken to your medical team about your concerns? I also spoke to someone at my local cancer support centre when I was feeling really bad about it all and they were great - they shared experiences with me and helped put my mind at ease a little.  There are so many people out there to support us through this and I would really encourage you to talk to them and not struggle on yourself ( it will just get harder and you will need your strength for treatment). I know we'll have a mix of good and bad days through treatment but am here if you want to talk as we go through the different stages. The ladies on here that are further ahead of us also have great advice and words of support for when you need it.

Take care 

F x

Hi, I have just recently finished my treatment - 7 sessions of chemo, 28 sessions of radiotherapy and 3 sessions of bracatherpy - it made me really really poorly but I have advanced cancer so my treatment was a lot stronger than what you will have. I lost all my hair because of the chemo (again I had a stronger dose) although it made me really poorly it's working. My cancer had gone from being so large that it was the size of what looked like a melon to the size of a pea! So although you may get a side effect or 2 it does work and you get your life back. The tiredness is a killer but I found that this was mainly when I was going through my chemo I would sleep for upto 18 hours a day but my body needed it to help me fight this.

The radiotherapy isn't as bad as the chemo you may get some side effects such as a bad stomach but this does pass and there is tablets they can give you to help with this - the one thing I will advise is when going through radiotherapy if you get any pain whilst going for a wee like cystitis get it seen to straight away. I had a lot of pain but I thought it was a side effect  (I gave water samples to the hospital and nothing was said about an infection) 2 months later and still in pain I was hospitalised with a severe infection which I've got really strong antibiotics for.

If you feel that something isn't right don't be fobbed off keep fighting

Thank you for all your advice this is much appreciated. The last two weeks have been such a nightmare, I'm still trying to come to terms with it all and I'm worrying and panicking over everything. Plus I think my back ache is getting worse and I just think it's spreading more, can't get the fears out of my head. Wish I could turn my brain off for a bit!

your brain will be going at 100mph thinking about everything in the worst scenario. Dont. Cancer doesnt grow in a week. x my mum before diagnosis was getting more and more tired. Nodding off at 7at night. This isnt my mum. She was aching like mad in the mornings. Again - not my mum. There were tell tail signs that something wasnt right. her white cell was sky high and her smear came back severe dyskariosis. That was the beginning. She only had a smear because she bled one morning. after the menopause, no bleed is normal.

The nigtmare will continue until ou start treatment and you know what your dealing with. Like naz, my mum was much calmer when she started it. She's made friends in chemo and radio. its like a club!!! Please take in what these lovely ladies are saying. its hard but you are no different than anyone other survivor on here. you will get through it x


just wanted to say I finished my treatment in September and was so anxious before it. I think it's fear of the unknown as you imagine every listed side effect happening to you.


with regards to chemo the team are so on the ball and on side effects, tweaking the meds to be the best for you.  I also found it a good chance to meet others going though this and also found it a laugh.

i was lucky and didn't have many side effects just a bit sicky and sometimes tired.

brachy is not the nicest thing I have ever done but it's no where near as awful as you imagine.

be strong you will get through this and it's amazing how quickly it passes. I agree with the ladies that once you start and get those first ones under your belt you will feel better.


good luck