Pre surgery nerves

Hi Ladies
Havnt been on again for a few days been so busy preparing for my hysterectomy next week…I’m starting to worry now about the seriousness of the whole procedure now the time is nearing, But I suppose this is expected?!
I also have a bit of a cough and a cold which is worrying me but I was thoroughly checked over at my pre op assessment in Monday, but not sure if it’s got worse since then, I hope my surgery isn’t cancelled?!!

I also need some help in what to pack, apart from the obvious of course, I know many have said in the past but my memory is struggling at the moment!!
Thank you
Kelly x

Hi Kelly

Not much longer to wait now, the time will soon pass.  Yes, we all worry before the op but when I had mine done I thought afterwards how much better it was than I thought it would be.

Try not to worry about your cough and cold, I'm sure will get better before the op next week.

Right, what to pack - nighties, so much easier than pyjamas with this op, big knickers in a size bigger as your tummy will be swollen, peppermint tea which is totally invaluable for the post op trapped wind, something to read - I took my Kindle but preferred the gossip mags instead!  Also a soft cushion or pillow to put under the seat belt on the way home plus loose and comfy jog bottom type trousers to wear when you come out.  I also took baby wipes and special toiletries to make me feel nice.

It'll soon be over now and then you'll be on the road to recovery.  Dont hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Big hugs



Also make sure you have no Gel nail polish as they will not do the surgery unless they can see your nails. I almost got caught out with this in August this year. Get some box sets ready for when you get home. 

I suffered very bad with trapped wind after the surgery. It was so bad i thought i was having a heart attack at one stage. This was more painful than the surgery. 

Good Luck x